If You Aren't Listening to Cavetown Right Now, What Are You Even Doing?

The internet is a powerful thing, and one of its greatest powers these days is bringing exposure to artists and performers who have immense talent under their belts. If you haven't yet heard of Cavetown (Robin Skinner), I highly suggest doing a YouTube search right now. In 2013, the Oxford, England-born artist uploaded his first video to YouTube — an original song called "haunted lullaby" — and grew an entire career out of it. In the years following, he recorded, produced, and released his own songs to the platform Bandcamp, which ultimately led to the release of his first album, Everything Is Made of Clouds, at the age of 14.

Since then, Skinner has produced various songs that echo dreamily in your ears for hours after listening to them. His latest album, Lemon Boy, was released in 2018 and has since garnered 24 million streams on Spotify and nearly 10 million views on YouTube. If you're looking for a new indie-soft-rock sound, scroll through the gallery to find some of the best songs from Cavetown.

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"Fool" by Cavetown

If you've ever been confused about yourself, about what you're doing, about how you're acting, then you will probably relate to "Fool." Throughout the song, Robin explains that he's a fool for "chasing after nothing great," which is something I've done too many times to count.

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"Green" by Cavetown

This is probably my favorite breakup song ever. "Green" encapsulates everything a breakup is — the guilt, the loneliness caused by the absence of another person, and the desire you have to check up on them and make sure they're doing OK.

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"Hug All Ur Friends" by Cavetown

If I had to describe this song in one word, it would easily be "wholesome." The love song serves as a reminder to show your friends unconditional love and support them at all times.

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"Devil Town" by Cavetown

"Devil Town" makes the list because it reminds me that no matter how trapped I feel in a situation, I can always make it out. The rendition I included is a little slower than the original version of the song, but both versions are enjoyable.

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"Telescope" by Cavetown

"Telescope" is one of those songs I play when I really need to unwind from the day. Its simple lyrics matched with the dreamy strums of the guitar transport me to a world of bliss and comfort.

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"I'll Make Cereal" by Cavetown

This song describes the overwhelming feelings of anxiety that often come right before falling asleep at night. "I'll Make Cereal" reminds me that though my world might seem like it's falling apart in the wee hours of the night, the morning will shed a different light on the situation and I'll see my anxious thoughts for what they really are.

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"This Is Home" by Cavetown

Cavetown is one of those artists who truly treats each song as a confessional, and "This Is Home" proves that. Throughout the song, he gets more and more vulnerable with himself and his audience, opening up as the lyrics spill out from him. For me, this song highlights what it means to be an artist that connects with their audience, and it makes me appreciate Cavetown even more.

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"Lemon Boy" by Cavetown

This is the track that Cavetown named his album Lemon Boy after, and rightfully so. The upbeat lyrics and tune of the song make it enjoyable for anyone to listen to, and it easily takes a spot on my favorites list.