23 Harry Styles Love On Tour TikToks That Prove He's a Certified Rockstar

Harry Styles has kicked off his highly anticipated Love On Tour, to celebrate his 2019 album Fine Line. To the delight of fans in attendance, the performances to date have featured Harry in a custom pink fringe Gucci vest (among other fabulously Harry-esque looks) singing a roundup of Fine Line favorites including "Watermelon Sugar," the single with the early pandemic-released music video that had us all swooning during our collective quarantines. And being the gentleman that he is, he's even included "What Makes You Beautiful" on the set list, as a nod to the old-school Directioners.

Although these videos are obviously no replacement for seeing Harry live in concert, we've rounded up TikToks from Love On Tour that will show you exactly what all the hype is about. Watch Harry joke with fans, be wild on stage, and pump up the crowd with his incredible dance moves. Get ready to enter a strawberry lipstick state of mind!

Harry Takes a Dance Break During "Watermelon Sugar"

Harry Dances With the Pride Flag

Harry's Energy Follows the Beat

Harry Hypes Up the Crowd

Harry Dances Across the Stage in His Fringed Vest

Harry Catches a Cowboy Hat — And Puts It On

Harry Blows a Kiss to the Crowd

Harry Grooves to "Canyon Moon"

Harry Picks Up a Fan's Shoe That Was Thrown on Stage

Harry Trips, but Keeps His Cool

Harry Slows Things Down With "Falling"

Harry Excites the Crowd With a One Direction Favorite

Harry Grooves Across the Stage in His Fringed Vest

Harry's Boots Are Made For Dancing

While Playing the Guitar, Harry Smiles Directly at Front-Row Fans

Harry Closes His Eyes During "Falling"

The Mic Isn't Working, but Harry Doesn't Panic

Harry Smiles in Slow Motion

Harry Blows Kisses to His Fans

Harry Looks Directly at a Fan's Camera