12 Musical Moments From Schitt's Creek That Will Inspire Your Inner Jazzagal

If you and your significant other are as different as Alexis Rose and Mutt Schitt, chances are you always have a hard time deciding on a Netflix show that you both want to watch. Enter Schitt's Creek. The sitcom has it all: humor, heart, and dramatic cliffhangers, all of which are punctuated by musical numbers seamlessly integrated into the storylines of every season, each one more iconic than the last. Ahead, you'll find yourself tearing up at Stevie's Cabaret performance, laughing at Moira's Jazzagals audition, and making heart eyes over Patrick's cover of "The Best." If you're not already invested in Schitt's Creek and its six seasons of nonstop hilarity, here are 10 quintessentially Schitty musical moments that'll have you hooked on the show.

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Patrick Serenades David at the Rose Apothecary Open-Mic Night

Hoping to attract more customers to Rose Apothecary, Patrick suggests he and David host an open-mic event at the store. Though David is skeptical about the idea, Patrick insists on its success and eagerly volunteers himself as the first performer of the night, singing Tina Turner's "The Best." Thus ensues one of the most romantic moments on Schitt's Creek.

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Patrick and Stevie Rehearse "Money"

As the leads in the town's theater production of Cabaret, Patrick and Stevie find themselves in over their heads with the choreography for "Money," especially with Moira as the overzealous director. Though they try to keep their dance lessons a secret from Moira in an attempt to spare her pride, Moira ends up catching them in the act anyway. This musical number is not only the first time we see Stevie sing on the show but also an exciting tease of the fan-favorite season five finale.

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Moira's Auditions For The Jazzagals

As soon as Moira finds out that Schitt's Creek has its very own a cappella group, The Jazzagals, Moira becomes obsessed with taking it by storm. A self-proclaimed professional vocalist, Moira wastes no time hyping herself up to Jocelyn and the rest of the Jazzagals. Although she believes she is more than qualified to be part of the group, her hilarious audition says otherwise.

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Alexis Sings the Theme Song of Her Reality Show

Before her family moved to Schitt's Creek, Alexis was the star of a reality show called A Little Bit Alexis. In case you were unclear about Alexis's versatility, the theme song to A Little Bit Alexis, sung by Alexis herself, showcases the best of her musical talents, which apparently run in the family.

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David and Moira Perform a Duet For Asbestos Fest

As the headline act of Asbestos Fest: An Evening With Television's Moira Rose, Moira has no room for failure. But when she realizes the footwork and score of her planned performance are too complicated to pull off by opening night, David comes to her rescue, gifting the audience with an unforgettably cringeworthy mother-son duet.

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Moira Harmonizes in Italian

Moira adds some charm to Twyla and Jocelyn's cover of "Islands in the Stream."

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The Jazzagals Surprise Alexis With a Rendition of "Baby I'm Yours"

Though Alexis begs her family not to attend her second high-school graduation, she changes her mind at the last minute, extending an invitation to her mother as she is about to leave the motel. While Moira claims she can't possibly make the graduation in time due to a conflicting Jazzagals event, she and the rest of the Jazzagals not only show up but also close the graduation ceremony with a surprise performance of "Baby I'm Yours" dedicated to Alexis.

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The Schitt's Creek Townies Carol at the Rosebud Motel Christmas Party

Suddenly sentimental about his family's pre-Schitt's Creek Christmases, Johnny spends all of Christmas Eve attempting to organize a last-minute Christmas gathering at the motel. After accepting that he won't be able to pull it off, Johnny heads to the diner by himself. When he returns home, escorted by Moira, he finds that his family and the town have come together to celebrate. Marked by the rendition of "Silent Night," the Rose family are finally able to experience the spirit of Christmas at Schitt's Creek.

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Moira Belts "Danny Boy" at a Second Funeral

After being asked by Bob to speak at his brother's funeral, an overwhelmed Johnny veers off topic in the middle of his eulogy. Moira saves face with an awkward rendition of "Danny Boy."

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Stevie Receives a Standing Ovation For Her Cabaret Solo

Anyone who's watched Schitt's Creek from the beginning knows this season five scene is the pinnacle of Stevie's character development. Full of self-doubt from the moment Moira hands her the script, Stevie nonetheless rises to the occasion and ends up being the perfect Sally Bowles. This profoundly empowering performance of "Maybe This Time" proves Stevie is capable of more than she gives herself credit for.

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David Lip-Syncs and Dances For Patrick

After Patrick's ex unexpectedly shows up in Schitt's Creek, an overwhelmed David decides to put a pause on his and Patrick's relationship. When David is ready to reconcile, he lets Patrick know in a major way, by lip-syncing and dancing to the same song Patrick had performed at the Rose Apothecary open-mic night.

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Patrick Channels Mariah Carey While Delivering His Vows

When Patrick first professes his love to David, David one ups him by responding, "You're my Mariah Carey." Two seasons later at their wedding, Patrick incorporates the Mariah Carey song "Always Be My Baby" into his wedding vows.