Let's Break Down Blood and Water's Absolutely Wild Season 2 Finale

Wow, the final episode of season two of Blood and Water gave us quite the plot twist. The seven-episode season, which premiered on Netflix on Sep. 24, was full of all sorts of jaw-dropping moments, and just when we thought the mystery between Puleng (Ama Qamata) and Fikile (Khosi Ngema) — now confirmed to be Phumelele Khumalo — was solved, the season finale pulled even more skeletons out of the closet. If you're still reeling from that bonkers finale, let us break it down for you and dissect some of those lingering questions you may have as we wait to find out if the show will be returning for another season.

Who Is Fikile's Real Father?

After Puleng shares the real DNA results from the tampered lab test with her parents, the entire family moves forward with a second test to confirm if Fikile is indeed the daughter of both of Puleng's parents, Thandelka (Gail Mabalane) and Julius (Getmore Sithole). As a result, the detective reveals that Fikile is only the daughter of Thandelka and therefore only Puleng's half sister. If you remember from an earlier episode, it was revealed that Julius asked his wife to get an abortion before Phume was born because he had doubts that she would be his biological child. Now that those doubts about his wife's alleged affair have been confirmed to the whole family, the question still remains: who is Fikile's actual father? This seems to be another mystery that will be dragged into season three, which hopefully gets confirmed sooner rather than later.

What Happens to Janet and Samuel?

Now that we know Samuel's mother, Janet (Zikhona Sodlala), is another messy person involved in the Phume kidnapping scheme, we see that her role is a lot deeper than we originally thought. After discovering that his mom has been working with the kidnappers/traffickers, Samuel (Leroy Siyafa) urges her to tell the truth to both Fikile and the police. And because of her deep ties to the case, someone breaks into her house, attacks her, steals her laptop, and the DNA kit to suppress the evidence. She's later urged by the police to go into witness protection with Samuel for their safety. Samuel is also urged to stay away from Fikile as her relation to the home invasion may put his whole family in danger, so they immediately go off the grid and Fikile is unable to get back in touch with him. We had no idea these two new characters would play such a big role in this complex plot this season, but now we know that we're only scratching the surface on this entire plan.

What Happens at the Ball?

As predicted, the school ball turns out to be an almost complete disaster on account of the money problems brought on by Reece's (Greteli Fincham) side dealings. Between the low-budget catering and DIY DJ set, things quickly go downhill and Principal Daniels (Sandi Schultz) has a lot of questions for the dance committee. Even though KB (Thabang Molaba) finally came through with an amazing DJ (by way of his dad's credit card), Daniels still demands to know why the dance looks so low-budget this year. Since the school is already under fire for its rampant drug problem, Reece is feeling the pressure and eventually confesses to Daniels that she's been the one dealing drugs at school and the reason the committee's money has been stolen. It's a minor subplot that's become a part of a larger issue, so it'll be interesting to see how Daniels cracks down on the students next season (if her character manages to keep her job).

Do Puleng and Wade Make Up?

Puleng and Wade's (Dillon Windvogel) hot and cold relationship was another mystery this season that came to a head. The investigation into Phume's kidnapping put a strain on their friendship after Wade felt he was just being used at Puleng's convenience — not to mention, his old feelings resurfacing threatened his relationship with Tahira (Mekaila Mathys). However, despite all the drama, Puleng and Wade find a way to hash out their problems — and even explore the possibility of dating each other. We last see the two on extremely friendly terms at the school ball right after Fikile catches Puleng making out with KB in the storeroom. So who will Puleng ultimately choose next season? It seems that only time will tell.

Are KB and Puleng Still Together?

Even after completely humiliating Puleng in a diss song for allegedly cheating on him, KB somehow finds himself knocking at her door at the start of the finale looking to apologize. Though it initially seems their relationship may be too far gone to salvage, they both find it in their hearts to forgive each other for their wrongdoings. In the same breath, KB still wants to help Puleng investigate his mother's involvement in the kidnapping case after finding a sketch of her in Puleng's room. Their investigation somehow brings them back together and KB confesses that he still has feelings for Puleng, sealing his words with a kiss. Now this wouldn't be such a problem if Puleng and Wade weren't already sort of seeing each other — but just like that, the love triangle is back on.

What Happens to Fikile's Mother?

My how the tables have turned on Nwabisa (Xolile Tshabalala) in just one season. After getting cornered by detectives in her own home, Nwabisa gets arrested for her part in Fikile/Phume's kidnapping scheme and has managed to drag her entire family down with her. While being interrogated by detectives, she sticks with her story that she legally adopted Fikile, but we already know the scandal behind the Point of Grace adoption agency means Fikile/Phume was actually kidnapped at birth. Though she's clearly guilty of something here, she insists on clearing her husband's name since he's clueless about Fikile's origin story.

There's also yet another plot twist that ends with Nwabisa getting kidnapped (how ironic), and we we're shocked to find out that it's KB's mother who's behind it. Yes, we now know that she's another puppet master that's been helping to pull the strings behind this whole plot to keep the truth about Phume's kidnapping from coming out (and also a serial kidnapper at this point). After trapping Nwabisa in what looks like an abandoned warehouse, we see the two in a heated exchange that ends with KB's mother asking about Puleng. If and when there's another season of the show, we know exactly what the new storyline will entail and it'll surely make for an epic premiere.