Chris Evans and John Krasinski Play Up Their Boston Accents in "Wicked Smaht" Super Bowl Ad

If you've never been attracted to the Boston accent, you might find your whole life turned upside down by the latest Hyundai commercial. In what we can only describe as a love letter to the city, Massachusetts natives Chris Evans, John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch, and David Ortiz all feature in the car company's Super Bowl 54 ad, putting on their thickest Boston accents to highlight the Sonata's new feature: the "smaht pahk."

That's right, Captain America and almost Captain America join the Saturday Night Live alum and legendary Boston Red Sox player as they marvel over the innovative smart park, which allows the car to park and "unpark" with a touch of a button. Evans and Dratch quiz Krasinski on all the Boston locations that are famously difficult to park at, but the Sonata's got it handled. Foxborough? Check. The Garden? Check. The Harbor? The car's been parked and unparked there. Watch the ad above and enjoy the full experience of all those r's being dropped in the robust Boston accent!