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Listen to Demi Lovato and Travis Barker's "I Love Me" Remix

Demi Lovato and Travis Barker's "I Love Me" Remix Is a Rockin' Callback to the Early 2000s

To every emo teenager of the early 2000s, it's our time to brood again! On Wednesday, Demi Lovato unveiled a rock rendition of her single "I Love Me," and it's very reminiscent of her Don't Forget era. You remember, the 2008 album with hits such as "La La Land," "Get Back," and "Two Worlds Collide." Lovato's latest head-banging remix, which features Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, delivers even more throwback vibes with its lyric video. We're talking callbacks to "scene" hair, in all its swooping glory, and old social media platforms like Myspace. Ah, the memories.

Lovato dropped the original "I Love Me" track on March 5. The music video includes quite a few Easter eggs about her Disney past and early career, so the collaboration with Barker is right on brand. Let's just hope it's included on her forthcoming seventh studio album.

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