Elliot's Lengthy Song Overshadowed These 9 Crucial "Euphoria" Plot Lines

Of all the twists and turns in the "Euphoria" season two finale, Elliot's drawn-out musical performance is one of the most puzzling. About a third of the way into the episode, Rue (Zendaya) visits Elliot (Dominic Fike) to make amends following her previous outburst, and he responds by singing her a song called "Little Star" . . . for a whopping three-and-a-half minutes straight. Sure, the lyrics are touching, and we're certainly not discounting Fike's vocal talent, but the mid-episode concert takes up far too much precious screen time. Every time we thought he was done, he opened his mouth to croon yet another verse.

There are countless other plot lines (and gaping plot holes) that merit more attention, and we've outlined them ahead in case creator Sam Levinson is seeking constructive feedback. It's safe to assume some of these topics will be addressed in season three of the HBO series, but can you blame us for wanting answers sooner rather than later?

1. Maddy and Cassie's Showdown

The season two finale finally gives us the Maddy (Alexia Demie) and Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) fight we've been waiting for, but it isn't quite as satisfying as anticipated. After chasing her off the stage at Lexi's play, Maddy slaps Cassie across the face and slams her head into a wall as payback for sleeping with Nate. We later see the aftermath of their brawl — Cassie has a bloody nose and her hair is a damn mess, and Maddy is icing her foot with a Coke can — but we personally wanted more from their tussle and subsequent conversation about Nate (Jacob Elordi). A heart-to-heart about men being trash could have been impactful and therapeutic for the former best friends.

2. The Status of Lexi and Fez's Relationship

Does Lexi (Maude Apatow) know that Fez (Angus Cloud) was arrested during the SWAT-team raid? Or does she just think he ghosted her by not showing up to the play? All we know is that she dedicates the second half of the play to him after taking note of his absence and doesn't bring him up again after that. As loyal Fexi shippers, we need answers, and we're hoping for the best.

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3. Literally Anything Pertaining to Kat

Kat's (Barbie Ferreira) cumulative screen time in season two is basically the same length as Elliot's performance, and that doesn't sit well with us. She was a main character in season one, but the only lines she utters in the season finale are "No, no, no, Maddy, no!" and "No, no! Stop! Stop!" as Maddy chases Cassie around the auditorium stage. She could have at least chimed in on their discussion during the bathroom scene later, or maybe even congratulated Ethan on his performance in the play as an olive branch after their brutal breakup. But alas, fans suspect Ferreira's pared-down screen time is the result of alleged disagreements with Levinson over Kat's storyline. The actor notably skipped the show's season two premiere, and The Daily Beast confirmed she walked off set at least two times while filming because of said tensions with Levinson.

4. Also, Anything Pertaining to Jules

Jules (Hunter Schafer) is similarly sidelined in the finale: she only gets screen time when she intermittently glances at Rue during the play and when she tells Rue she loves and misses her. She doesn't mention cheating on Rue with Elliot, and we don't see her reflecting on that decision. It was a missed opportunity for such a beloved character.

5. What Happened to Fez After His Arrest

Fez has one hell of a tough time in the season finale. Not only does he witness that shocking death firsthand during the raid, but he's also shot in the leg and arrested. We could have used some reassurance of the beloved drug dealer's safety, but we're instead left with uncertainty of his whereabouts. Even a glimpse at him in the police car or in a jail cell would have sufficed.

6. Rue's Facial Expressions at the Play

Rue's facial expressions during Lexi's play serve as brief comedic relief in season two's final two episodes. Her reactions to the drama unfolding on stage are hilariously over the top and bring back a quirkiness and levity we haven't seen from Rue in a while. We would have preferred 13 more shots from the Rue reaction cam to the 13 repetitive verses from Elliot's song.

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7. That Whole Laurie Situation

Laurie (Martha Kelly) is noticeably absent from "Euphoria" after episode five, and the finale would've been an opportune time to address her sex-trafficking plot line and the 10 grand Rue still owes her. While some fans were convinced that the villainous drug dealer would pop up in the final scene to snatch Rue, we're left with only questions regarding her current status — especially since Faye's attempt to frame her for Mouse's murder went awry.

8. Maddy's Future at East Highland High School

You might have missed it with all the juicy play drama going on, but Maddy hints at leaving East Highland High School in episode seven while talking to her boss, Samantha (Minka Kelly), during Theo's baseball game. It's brought up almost too casually — Maddy references leaving her babysitting gig, and Samantha's note to her says, "Don't look back" — but Maddy never brings up the matter with her actual friends. Her potential move to another school and possibly another town isn't addressed at all in the finale, so we're left wondering if perhaps Cassie and Nate's relationship will send her packing in season three.

9. Nate's Younger Brother

One of the most glaring unaddressed plot lines this season is Nate's mysterious younger brother. We catch a quick glimpse at him in a Jacobs family photo early on in season two, but his existence isn't mentioned again. It would have been nice for Levinson to offer some sort of hint at his identity to tide us over until season three, but alas — it's just another bullet on the list of plot holes.