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Listen to Infinity Song's Cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams"

People Are Sharing This Soothing Fleetwood Mac Cover to Distract From Election Anxiety

If you need a little mental break from anxiously awaiting results of the presidential election and refreshing your social media feeds on repeat, allow this comforting cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" — which saw a recent resurgence thanks to a viral TikTok challenge — to (momentarily) serve as a distraction from the red-and-blue nightmare clouding your screen.

Performed by talented sibling band Infinity Song, the raw rendition is soothing the souls of many on Twitter who are sharing the cover to reduce anxiety and fear, and to inspire hope during the painstaking wait for election results to roll in. One of the five siblings, Momo, first tweeted a snippet of the video on Nov. 3, writing, "Here's some Fleetwood Mac for your timeline and for your anxiety," and the clip quickly went viral as people were immediately captivated by their impressive vocals and perfect harmony.

Ahead, check out Infinity Song's calming version of "Dreams," as well as some of the group's other beautiful renditions, to provide a quick diversion and help cope with your stress.

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