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What to Do While Waiting For Election Results

Complete Election Results Will Take a While — Here's What to Do While You Wait

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Image Source: Getty Images/ Jeff Kowalsky

If the wait for final election results is testing your patience right now, you're not alone. It might be a tiny comfort, however, to remember that experts have long said this year's ballot-tallying process would be longer than usual. A surge in absentee voting means longer wait times for full and complete results, and that's OK. Counting every vote is crucial, but it does take time.

As many of us have proven in the past day or so, no amount of push notifications or Twitter scrolls will speed up the painstaking tallying process. If you're looking for an alternative that feels productive or even a tiny bit soothing, we've got you covered with ideas for healthier ways to pass the time. From helping to cure ballots in swing states to stretching out the tension, we have a range of activities to navigate this uncomfortable waiting period with a bit more ease.

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