An NICU Nurse Got the Frozen Surprise of a Lifetime Thanks to Josh Gad and Friends

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Josh Gad is the king of reunions, and during his stint as guest host of Jimmy Kimmel Live on Sept. 8, he pulled together his pals from Frozen to make a nurse's dreams come true. Healthcare Hero of the Week Kellie Merner had to put her Disney princess wedding on hold due to COVID-19, and since Arendelle's malls were still closed, Gad figured the best way to celebrate was to have Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, and Idina Menzel give wedding gifts from their homes.

While something borrowed from Bell, something blue from Menzel, and something Old-laf from Groff were nice sentiments, Gad also presented Merner with $10,000 courtesy of Boomer Naturals — just in case she felt the need to buy her own Golden Girls puzzle. You can watch the entire heartwarming surprise above.