We've All Never Wanted to Be Watermelon So Bad

What did Harry Styles know that we didn't? The singer and hedonistic heartthrob recently released the music video for "Watermelon Sugar" off his sophomore album, Fine Line, and it's inadvertently (or intentionally) acting as a balm for our current collective existence, filled with all the comforts we're yearning for: beach outings, packed picnics, sharing food with friends, affection. In fact, it's even plainly stated at the beginning that the video is "dedicated to touching"!

Of course the video was filmed months ago — before "social distancing" became part of our regular lexicon — but it somehow feels prescient. Styles knew we'd need some semblance of a summer, particularly as we grapple with the understanding that summer will look a whole lot different this year. Existential philosopher Albert Camus once wrote, "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." Amid a pandemic, Styles is illuminating the invincible summer within us all.

The video is also really horny. (I'm sorry, but it needed to be said.) One has to assume that Styles has seen Call Me by Your Name, because it certainly puts forth the message that the watermelon is to Styles what the peach was to Elio. Sprinkled in are truly stunning shots of the babeliest babes as they sunbathe or feed Styles the titular fruit. There's a lot of caressing, watermelon juice everywhere, and, of course, the unflinching shot of Styles stroking the edge of a watermelon that momentarily destroyed the internet before bringing it back to life.

Music videos of this scale and anticipation often generate buzz here at POPSUGAR, but editors had feelings about this one. Ahead, enjoy our most pressing questions, comments, and concerns.

"The kids can have 'Kiwi,' the grown-ups get 'Watermelon Sugar.'" — Karenna Meredith, Trending and Viral Features Assistant Editor

"Does Harry caress all of his fruit this tenderly before taking a bite? If so, I would like to be invited to all of his scheduled brunches from here on out." — Chanel Vargas, Trending and Viral Features Editorial Assistant

"Consider the peach officially dethroned as the sexiest fruit." — Samantha Sasso, Associate Native Beauty Editor and Content Strategist

"Timothée Chalamet just wants Harry Styles to know he f*cked a fruit before it was cool." — Becky Kirsch, Managing Editor

"Harry really said, 'Timothée, hold your peach' with this one, huh?" — KM

"I was sweating and blushing while watching it and I was by myself? I'm legit not joking. And those sly smiles he gives to the camera? I truly can't. I felt like . . . I almost shouldn't be watching it? Like I would get caught LOL. Also, can some please investigate where the hell to apply to be in these damn Harry videos with so much touching?!" — Caitlin Gallagher, Living Senior Editor

"I'm honestly concerned about how much watermelon he likely consumed during the making of this video. Was watermelon juice up his nose after everyone continually shoved slices into his face? I'm sure. Was it sandy? Had to be." — Alessia Santoro, Family Editor

"Only Mr. Styles could wear a SWEATER VEST to the beach and we'd all call it fashion." — KM

"Some questions that need answering: did they get headaches after consuming all this sugar? Did they wait at least 30 minutes after eating all this fruit to run into the water? Was Harry hot? Like jeans, scarf — how did he do it? Did Harry's fingers get all sandy with all those rings on rolling around in the sand? Oh my goodness." — Sarah Wasilak, Fashion Editor

"First and foremost, how does one get cast in a Harry Styles music video? I mean, hand-feeding THE Harry Styles pieces of fruit on a beach whilst wearing nothing but a swimsuit is like the crème de la crème of casting opportunities here, people. Secondly, never in my life have I desired to be an inanimate object as much as I've desired to be the piece of watermelon Harry lovingly caresses and bites into in the first scene of the video. And last but most certainly not least, the fact that the entire video is 'dedicated to touching' is just *chef's kiss.*" — Victoria Messina, Trending and Viral Features Associate Editor

"I only have one complaint and that's the fact that he clearly talks about how 'I want your belly' (there's even merch for that line on the website) and not a single person in the entire shoot is even remotely curvy. However, other than that I am absolutely obsessed with the video and very much wish that I could be frolicking with Harry on the beach right now." — Grayson Gilcrease, Celebrity and Entertainment Assistant Editor

"To the extras who got to kiss Harry on the cheek, what's it like to have the most powerful job in the world?" — KM

"Wow, just wow. This music video is beautiful in every sense of the word. It's lively, sensual, and so fun to watch. It whisked me away to a breezy beach where I imagine myself capering and cavorting with Harry and all of those insanely gorgeous people. Not to be dramatic, but it made me tear up a little. This Fine Line era is truly unmatched." — Brea Cubit, Celebrity and Entertainment Assistant Editor

"This is like the daytime mode of 'Lights Up' — we stan a reflective king." — KM

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