On My Block: A Quick, Spoiler-Filled Guide to Season 2's Major Plot Points

It's almost here! Season three of Netflix's hit show On My Block drops on March 11, and the recently released teaser trailer is stirring up emotions and questions that we've been hanging on to since the terrifying ending of season two. As we impatiently await the release of season three to answer all of our burning questions (including but not limited to: are the kids OK? Who jumped out of that van? Will Jamal ever get to enjoy his RollerWorld money?), let's take a look back at the explosive season two finale to review the major events that catapulted the Freeridge friends into the dangerous situation we're sure to find them in at the top of season three.

Cesar's Fate Is Decided

Cesar's journey throughout season two, as he struggled to find consistent shelter and safety, left us wishing we could jump through the screen and help him more than once. Seeing a teenage boy sleeping in a car and alone in a shelter in fear of his life was intense, but Cesar's struggle finally ends when he regains Oscar's acceptance. Cesar helps Oscar take down the Prophets for good by planting cash from a bank robbery on them, then effectively tells his brother that he no longer wants to be involved in this world — that he is not meant to be in a gang. It is a powerful moment for him individually and in his relationship with Oscar, whose reaction — besides a silent and disapproving stare — we don't get to see.

The Prophets Are Taken Down

Once he learns that Cesar's friends found the RollerWorld money, Oscar devises a plan to plant dirty money on the Prophets to not only get them off of Cesar's back, but to take care of them once and for all. Oscar's plan works and the Prophets – including Latrell – are found with the marked cash and are subsequently arrested. This event seems like the end of the Prophets for good, but the cliffhanger at the end of the episode calls all of that into question.

Monse Has an Epiphany

At the end of season two, Monse learns that Cesar slept with someone while she was away at her mom's. Monse is upset with Cesar for having lied to her, and angry with the rest of the crew for protecting his lie. This season has brought a lot of loss for Monse, between rebuilding and losing a relationship with her mom and navigating her relationship with Cesar. Her growth this season culminates with an epiphany that the reason why she feels unheard and unappreciated by her friends is because she has the wrong type of friends: boys. She becomes inspired to look up the all-girls academy her dad suggested as a way to keep her safe and tells her friends that she's decided to enroll.

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Ruby Starts to Heal

Throughout season two, we see Ruby's battle with both PTSD and survivor's guilt for having lived through the shooting while Olivia lost her life. We've seen memories of his trauma triggered in various ways and his anger toward the situation explode, but when the Prophets are caught and Olivia's death is finally vindicated by Latrell's arrest, Ruby realizes that he is neither happy nor sad about the Prophets' capture. He reflects on the bigger picture above the "life for a life" mentality that has caused them to be in this situation. It is inevitable that Ruby's healing from such a traumatic event is far from complete, but this revelation seems like a positive step for his recovery going into the next season.

The Group Gets Kidnapped

After Monse tries unsuccessfully to tell the group her big news about deciding to enroll in boarding school, she storms off while the boys stay behind and tease her. Monse stomps away with her back to the boys, swearing not to look back, as a black van pulls up to the trailing boys and a group of camouflaged individuals jump out and kidnap them. Monse, still clueless that her friends have been taken, decides to give in and turn around only to realize that they are no longer there. Before she — or the audience — can blink, her head is covered by someone off screen and she is taken away, too.

Don't worry, we already know who takes them thanks to the season three trailer. While we wait to see exactly how things play out, get ready to join the crew again on March 11 on Netflix!