On My Block: There's a New Freeridge Villain in Season 3, and Her Knives Are OUT

We're back in Freeridge for another season of Netflix's On My Block, and things are getting tense. Season two's startling cliffhanger is quickly solved in the first seconds of the new trailer when it's revealed that Monse, Cesar, Jamal, and Ruby have been kidnapped by Cuchillos, the Santos gang leader. She — and her extensive collection of knives — forcibly recruit the crew to find Lil' Ricky (previously assumed dead), or she'll kill them instead. We have the utmost faith in the foursome since they've been through some tough sh*t before. Thankfully, they're joined by Jasmine, who isn't just full of lovable sass but also a whole damn crime board that is bound to come in handy. Watch the trailer above, and get ready to dive in when On My Block season three hits Netflix on March 11.