The Song Todd Sings in the Breaking Bad Movie Perfectly Captures How Insane He Is

Warning: the following post contains spoilers for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

When fans of Breaking Bad witnessed Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) break out screaming behind the wheel of the El Camino in the 2013 series finale, they had no idea what was next for him and his so-called freedom, but it was worth the wait. The AMC series revolves around Walter White (Bryan Cranston), toeing the line between framing him as an antihero or a villain. In the follow-up film, it all becomes very clear as to who the real villain is: Todd Alquist, played by Jesse Plemons. The recently released El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie focuses on Jesse Pinkman's life following his escape, juxtaposed with flashbacks of his difficult journey — including his traumatic experiences with Todd and happier times with Walt.

In one particular scene of the Netflix drama, viewers get a glimpse of Todd's true, psychopathic colors. After his Uncle Jack and the white supremacists leave Todd alone with Jesse for the weekend, Todd takes the opportunity to force his captive into helping him with some, uh, unfinished business: he has Jesse help him dispose of his housekeeper's body, which is in his apartment.

While Todd is driving with the carpet-wrapped body and a tortured Jesse rolling around in the back of the car, he rolls down the window in the Albuquerque desert and turns on the radio. He starts singing along with Dr. Hook's 1978 version of "Sharing the Night Together" without a care in the world, while someone he murdered and someone he tortured are in the back of his car. It's wild, to say the least.

We knew from Breaking Bad that Todd is a deeply heartless character — he has an obsession with Lydia and kills an innocent kid before taking his pet spider in the series — but he takes it to a new level in the film. In an interview with Vulture, series creator Vince Gilligan explained that the jarring scene was necessary to prove just how terrible Todd is.

"God, wouldn't it be more disturbing if he's having just a great time?"

"I wanted a scene where you slowly reveal that the seat next to him is empty. And then you reveal poor Jesse in this swelteringly hot, tiny, cramped little truck bed in the back of this El Camino with this corpse wrapped up in a rug. That was the point of the whole scene," Gilligan explained. "Todd was just driving down the highway staring into space, but then I thought, 'God, wouldn't it be more disturbing if he's having just a great time?' What do you do when you're driving by yourself and you're happy? You sing along to the radio."

And more disturbing it most definitely was! One person on Twitter said it "could be one of the most morbidly creative and interesting scenes in movie history." Another added, "I despise Todd to the core since 2013 but this 'Sharing the Night Together' scene is just gold. This annoying psychopath made us so amused for one whole minute and sh*t." Check out the video of Todd singing above and read ahead to see what fans are saying about the disturbing scene.

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Jesse Plemons Singing "Sharing the Night Together" in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie