Jimin Shares His Secret Song, "Letter," With the World in Live Performance For Festa


Jimin's secret song off his debut solo album, "Face," isn't so secret anymore. In celebration of BTS's 10th anniversary Festa, Jimin filmed a live performance of his track "Letter," which only appeared on the physical edition of his hit album. While you can still only listen to the fully-produced version of the song on Jimin's physical album (so you're out of luck if you decided to pass on purchasing it), the acoustic, live performance released on June 7 is beyond beautiful, and a gift to ARMYs.

Back in March, when "Letter" was initially released, fans were surprised when they recognized Jimin's BTS bandmate Jungkook's unmistakable vocals on the track, adding trills and adlibs throughout the final minute of the song. Although Jungkook did not participate in the live performance of "Letter" for Festa, his backing vocals can be heard (albeit more softly) in the background at the end of the video.

Check out the live performance below and then read on for a better understanding of "Letter"'s lyrics in English and the meaning behind the song.

Jimin "Letter" Live Performance for 2023 Festa

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Where Is Jimin's "Face" Album Secret Song?

Fans first reported on Twitter that the final track on the album, which is officially the English version of "Like Crazy" on the track list, is actually 10 minutes long. If you let the track play on after its expected runtime, there are about two minutes of silence before "Letter" begins to play at the 6:13 mark.

Jimin's album credits also confirm the title of the song is "Letter," which was produced by Jimin alongside Ghstloop, Pdogg, and Evan. Jungkook provides background vocals on the song.

Jimin's "Letter" Meaning

It's not hard to guess who Jimin wrote this love song to. The song beginning at the 6:13 mark — aka the anniversary of BTS's debut — is a dead giveaway that Jimin's fans probably inspired the love letter. In lyrics like, "I hope you become happier. Whenever I tripped and fell, the one who reached out their hand to me was you," and "By my side, just stay so I can give back just how much I've received," Jimin is promising he'll give back as much as he's received from the people who have supported him throughout the years.

Jimin's "Letter" Lyrics in English

Here are the "Letter" lyrics in English, according to a translation by Twitter user @Studio_0613.

What should I say?
And how should I deliver it?
I'm just clumsy [with my words]
I know that it's obvious, but
I'll deliver these words
So they're not taken lightly

I say oh oh
I hope you become happier
Whenever I tripped and fell
The one who reached out their hand to me was you

I say oh oh
Now I'll be the one to hold you
When you want to cry
So you won't trip and fall

Even after time passes
Will you remain the same?
Like when we first met

If we are together
Just like we were then
When even the desert could become a sea

I say oh oh
I sincerely hope we are forever
In the cold winter,
The one who was like a warm spring day to me was you

I say oh oh
I'll always cherish them-
Those moments that filled what's between you and me

Baby don't leave
By my side just stay yeah
So I can give back just how much I've received
So I can keep my word

To you, who saw me to be bigger/greater than my tiny little self
Don't worry
By your side just stay yeah

Because we don't know what days await us
Though it's scary, though we're afraid
Never forget that we're together

I know that it's obvious, but
I'll deliver these words
So they're not taken lightly

Is Jimin's Secret Song "Letter" Streaming?

The only way you can currently listen to the original version of Jimin's secret song is by buying the physical version of his album, "Face." It is not officially available on any streaming services. In the meantime, Jimin's live performance for Festa will have to do.