Jimmy Fallon and Elizabeth Olsen Are Stuck in a Whole New Hex in This WandaVision Parody

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Not even late-night TV is safe from the WandaVision Hex. On March 3, The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon was joined by Elizabeth Olsen (aka Wanda herself) for a parody sketch of the popular Marvel series. The duo took a trip back in time, visiting iterations of late-night shows past, but Olsen's superpowers were tingling — she knew something wasn't right.

Olsen took on a Monica Rambeau-like role for the sketch, telling Fallon he "has to stop" pretending he has an audience during the pandemic. "I know the present is scary and we all want COVID to be over but you can't just run from your problems," she said. "Snap out of it, this isn't reality. I know you're trying to cope, I know that, but you can't keep controlling all of this." Fallon denies that he's in control (sound familiar?) but that means someone else is pulling the strings behind the scenes. Who's been messing up everything? Watch the video above to find out.