Here's Exactly How Jorah and Lyanna Mormont Are Related on Game of Thrones

With seven seasons completed, Game of Thrones viewers are surely familiar with the families at the forefront. The Starks, Targaryens, and Lannisters are essentially the big three in the final season — but there are tons of smaller families in Westeros, too. Take, for example, the Mormonts. While they're not a major noble house, they've been present throughout the series with various characters. Its surviving main players, Ser Jorah Mormont and Lady Lyanna Mormont, are even cousins. Yes, cousins! Let's dive into their familial breakdown, shall we?

Jorah's father is Jeor Mormont, better known as the Lord Commander, or leader, of the Night's Watch during the show's first three seasons. Prior to the events of the series, Jeor was the Lord of Bear Island and the head of his house. Joining the Night's Watch then passed those titles onto Jorah. However, we first meet Jorah in Essos, where he's fled after getting caught illegally selling poachers to slavery for money to please his wife's expensive tastes.

With Jorah away from Bear Island, Jeor's sister, who is also Lyanna's mother, rules instead. Since House Mormont is an ally of House Stark's, Maege fights with Robb Stark during the War of the Five Kings. Though Lyanna calls her mother a great warrior in season six, she also reveals that Maege died in combat. This leaves Lyanna as the Lady of Bear Island — and she's an amazing, badass one at that.

Despite the fact that Jorah and Lyanna are first cousins, they had yet to cross paths on the show . . . until the second episode of season eight, "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms." Their lack of interaction makes sense considering they've been on opposite sides of their world. In season seven, he even tells Samwell Tarly that his house forgot about him a long time ago as a way to explain why writing Lyanna about his greyscale would be pointless — which begs the question: had Jorah and Lyanna met at all prior to their run-in in the Winterfell crypts? She's still so young, after all, so it's possible that they only knew each other very briefly.

But since they're both in Westeros and both supporting the same side of the impending war against the White Walkers, their Mormont reunion was a given. With the shame Jorah's crime and exile brought to their house and Lyanna's expert levels of sass, it certainly made for an interesting interaction to watch, to say the least.