Lizzo's "SNL" TikTok Sketch Captures the Chaos of the For You Page

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We asked, and "Saturday Night Live" listened. With Lizzo, the show's host and musical guest on April 16, front and center, "SNL" once again re-created the reality of a TikTok For You page. Scrolling through the app from the perspective of a 27-year-old living at home, distracted while studying for the LSATS, the sketch features the chaotic variety of videos that might land on one's TikTok.

From teens pranking their poor grandmothers and embarrassing dads to "Euphoria"-inspired makeup looks and bizarre acting challenges, we'd say the "SNL" cast covered the current state of TikTok through an accurate lens. In one hilarious clip, Lizzo, who's a mainstay on the platform herself, parodies the famous "I actually do cuss a little" sound. Clipped from an old interview with Miranda Cosgrove, the "iCarly" actor talking about her favorite curse word has been making its rounds on TikTok the past month.

Other standout videos include Bowen Yang singing the TikTok-famous "Tom's Diner" remix, Kate McKinnon as a grandma repeatedly pranked by her grandson, and Kyle Mooney as the attractive guy who's always cooking.

This is the second time "SNL" has parodied TikTok, after an overwhelming response to the first back in December, when Billie Eilish played a nurse "bussin' down" in the oncology ward while a patient suffered behind her. Just a few months later, TikTok looks a little different. Watch just how realistic the sketch is above.