Louis Tomlinson Drops Latest Single "We Made It" — Immediately Followed by Tour Dates

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It's our time to shine, Louis Tomlinson fans! Not only did the Brit bless us all with his latest single "We Made It" on Oct. 24 but he simultaneously announced a world tour for 2020. "We Made It" is the third track released from Tomlinson's solo album Walls, which is set to release Jan. 31, 2020. The best twist about this video, though, is that it seemingly has a teaser at the end for what might be Tomlinson's next release. It ends with a brief guitar lick that's definitely not a part of "We Made It" — more new music!

The meaning behind "We Made It" is up for debate, as Tomlinson himself has shared a few different stories behind what it could mean. Lyrics include "Share a single bed and tell each other what we dream about / Things we'd never say to someone else out loud / We were only kids just tryna work it out / Wonder what they'd think if they could see us now." Whether it's about his current girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, another relationship, or something completely different is something we'll be thinking about every single time we listen to the song.

And speaking of this song, it's another notch in Tomlinson's list of tunes that just show how talented he is at songwriting. It's a chill song that absolutely shows off his strong Doncaster, England, accent, and I am not mad about it whatsoever. I'm already imagining what this one will sound like live on tour — as in, the one Tomlinson's heading out on starting in March 2020. It's all happening, fam!