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Best Love Is Blind Memes

Love Is Blind Has Inspired These 25 Truly Iconic Memes

Best Love Is Blind Memes
Image Source: Netflix

Netflix's dating reality "experiment" Love Is Blind is the obsession we all just can't seem to stop watching, and you know what that means: memes galore! Between lines from the show itself that have mutated into memes of their own and good old meme formats tweaked to suit the show's particular brand of drama, there's definitely no shortage of hilarious Love Is Blind memes making the rounds on social media. The finale for the first season airs on Thursday, Feb. 27, revealing once and for all what really happened to the remaining couples and if the "experiment" helped them find true love (or just some Insta followers). Ahead of the episode, check out some of the internet's funniest meme takes on the goofy drama on Love Is Blind.

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