Black-ish's Marcus Scribner Says It Was "Definitely Hard" Saying Goodbye For the Farewell Season

After seven plus years on the air, Black-ish is saying goodbye. The ABC series will wrap the show with its eighth season in 2022, and just like us, the cast is sad to see it all come to an end. Several of the cast members shared their final goodbyes on social media ahead of the final season's premiere — including Tracee Ellis Ross, who wrote in an Instagram post, "It is so hard to say goodbye to the @blackishabc family. But, I leave full of joy and pride."

Over the years, fans have watched the Johnsons — Rainbow (Ross), Andre "Dre" (Anthony Anderson), Zoey (Yara Shahidi), Junior (Marcus Scribner), Diane (Marsai Martin), and Jack (Miles Brown) — grow up right before our eyes, and now they're all off to pursue new endeavors. In addition to Shahidi, who leads her spinoff series Grown-ish, Scribner also has his own fruitful projects lined up.

The young actor is currently filming a movie in Albuquerque and is slated to voice a role in an upcoming animated Hulu series called Dragons: The Nine Realms. He's also set to star in a new Netflix film titled Along For the Ride. But for now, Scribner is partnering with Kelley Blue Book to reveal their first NFT to help announce the 2022 Best Buy Awards. With so much in the works for him, Scribner can't help but reflect on how far he's come in his career thanks to Black-ish.

"We really get to send them off in a celebratory manner."

"I started when I was 13, so insane," he told POPSUGAR of his role on the family comedy. Scribner noted that he began auditioning professionally when he was just 7 years old and always treated it as a hobby, but "never in my wildest dreams imagined that it would turn into a career." According to him, Black-ish's impact has been "life-changing," so he's still processing the show coming to an end. "Black-ish has always been such a huge part of my life, so it'll be weird to not have it there," he said. "But I'm also looking forward to the future and excited for what I can accomplish next."

It's hard to believe Black-ish is bidding us farewell after all these years, but Scribner has bittersweet feelings about the show going out on a high note. "It was definitely hard, but we were so thankful that we were able to get an eighth and final season to send it off the right way," he said. "I'm really excited for everybody to tune in and watch this eighth season, because there's so much that happens with it. All of our characters evolve and change and learn new things . . . we really get to send them off in a celebratory manner, and just celebrate all the amazing storylines that we've had over the years and what we've been to Black culture."

The comedy series is known for having lots of star cameos every season, so, of course, the show had to go out with a bang bringing on former first lady Michelle Obama. "It was insane seeing Michelle [on set]," Scribner shared. "It was such a treat to be on set and to get to act with her, and even being in her presence was amazing. I'm so excited for people to see that episode and then also see the season that follows, because I think it's a perfect kick starter to a wonderful ending."

Black-ish kicks off its eighth season on Tuesday, Jan. 4 at 9:30 PM ET.