Dear Grey's Anatomy: PLEASE Let Meredith Keep Her Romance With Dr. Marsh

When it comes to the world of Grey's Anatomy, there aren't exactly a lot of bright spots right now. We've got two fan favorites on their way out; Arizona is set to leave, and April is on the outs as well. And when it comes to the latter, all signs and secret hints point to a pretty grim exit. Suffice it to say, we're prepping ourselves for a lot of devastation as season 14 comes to a close. But now, we may have something to hold onto — it's a glimmer of hope to carry us through.

This week, we got a whiff of a potential new romance on the show . . . and a hunky new doctor. Scott Speedman joined the cast as Dr. Marsh, a transplant surgeon who's in town from Minnesota. Of course, Meredith saves his life (and his own transplanted kidney) because she's a total badass, but I'm less interested in her prowess as a surgeon and more interested in her very clear chemistry with this handsome guest star. And I wasn't the only one feeling this spark. Even Meredith confesses to Alex that she hasn't felt something this strong since Derek. As it currently stands, Mer's big takeaway seems to be that she's open to this kind of thing again, even if it's not with Dr. Marsh. But I mean, come on. Dr. Marsh is very cute, and as Meredith says, he's also smart and funny. If you ask me, he'd be a great addition to a show that's in the process of cutting out characters anyway.

At this moment in time, Grey's needs a breath of fresh air. The show has certainly been making some big changes in recent seasons, and these changes have included quite a few heartbreaking departures. With the impending losses of incredible characters like April and Arizona, as well as semirecent exits from Stephanie, Riggs, Callie, and even Derek and Cristina, we sure could use a new, fun character to fall in love with. And Marsh, with all his charm, wit, and charisma, definitely seems to be that guy. And he stands to be more than just a fresh face. His relationship with Meredith could give us a new couple to fawn over and root for.

At the very least, maybe Marsh will be around for a couple more episodes as he recovers from surgery. Call me crazy, but I'm hoping something major clicks in that time. We need something to soften the blow from the dual losses of Arizona and April — let's not forget this is also the loss of one of our favorite couples — and a solid, well-rounded replacement may be just the antidote we're looking for. Please, Grey's. We're officially begging you.