All the Voices in Steven's Head in "Moon Knight," Explained

Disney+'s expansion into the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues, and this time, fans are diving into the mystical adventures of "Moon Knight." Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), a mild-mannered museum gift-shop clerk, lives an average existence but, unbeknownst to him, when he falls asleep, he leads a different life — one of an entirely separate identity influenced by an Egyptian god. Anything is possible in the MCU, after all!

With only one episode available to stream so far, viewers have more questions than answers about "Moon Knight" and Steven's other identities. What makes it even more confusing is Steven knows just about as much as the viewer does. But based on the comics and other lore, here's what we know about the two main voices that have set up shop inside Steven's head in "Moon Knight."

Who Is the Scary Voice in Steven's Head in "Moon Knight"?

When Steven wakes up in an open field in a remote town in Europe, he thinks he's having a vivid dream. He discovers a large group of villagers and cult leader Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) gathering in the town square, and a confrontation ensues. Steven doesn't know how came into possession of a small golden scarab or why Arthur and the villagers want to take it from him so badly, but both things are true. As Arthur and the villagers try to take the scarab, suddenly, a deep, intimidating voice speaks to Steven and commands him to protect the scarab at all costs.

So, who is this voice? There are a couple of possibilities. It could be Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon who has the power to influence the fertility of people, livestock, and even crops.

The voice could also be Moon Knight himself. As it turns out, Steven is not even Moon Knight's original identity. He has disassociative identity disorder (DID), a condition where two or more identities exist inside one human's head, causing the person to sometimes "switch" between them. This means the hero Moon Knight may have an identity all his own like he does in the comics.

How Khonshu and Moon Knight are connected to Steven becomes much more clear when looking at their relationship to the other voice inside Steven's head.

Who Is the Second Voice in Steven's Head in "Moon Knight"?

In multiple scenes throughout the first episode, both Khonshu and other characters refer to Steven as "Marc," even though Steven has no idea who Marc is. At the end of the premiere, Marc speaks to Steven in his head and then shows himself to Steven in a mirror. This depiction allows Isaac to play both Marc and Steven at the same time seamlessly.

Future episodes of "Moon Knight" will likely reveal more about Marc who, according to the comics, is Steven's original identity. Marc Spector is a mercenary who was left to die in an Egyptian near a statue of Khonshu, who ultimately brings him back to life, endowing him with his powers and strength. In trade for saving him, Marc becomes Khonshu's avatar, which allows Marc to do Khonshu's bidding on Earth and become the vigilante known as Moon Knight.

These are seemingly the only two voices that have made themselves heard in Steven's head so far, but considering Steven (or Marc?) has even more identities inside of him, it's likely more will be introduced soon. Fans will just have to wait and see how this exciting adventure unfolds when new episodes of "Moon Knight" hit Disney+ every Wednesday.