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Moon Knight: Who Is Layla El-Faouly?

What We Know About Mysterious Layla From "Moon Knight" So Far


Marvel's latest TV series, "Moon Knight," is already a trippy and mind-bending adventure. We're especially curious about "Layla," the mysterious caller who knows Marc Spector but is confused when Steven Grant, his nerdy and ordinary alternate self, answers the phone instead. So who is Layla El-Faouly, and how might she tie into Moon Knight's arc?

Is Layla From "Moon Knight" Based on a Marvel Character?

The only thing Marvel has confirmed about Layla El-Faouly is that she's an archeologist and friend of Marc's. There's no Marvel character with her name, which makes figuring out the role of Layla in "Moon Knight" even trickier. In fact, there's only one notable Layla in the Marvel comics at all! That character is Layla Miller, a mutant who plays a significant role in the reality-bending "House of M" storyline.

Who is Layla From "House of M" and What Are Her Powers?

"House of M"'s Layla Miller is a mutant who struggles to fit in when she develops powers like visible horns and the ability to breathe fire. When Scarlet Witch tries to bend reality to create a "perfect" and accepting world for mutants, Layla is swept up in it and gains a new power: the ability to perceive different realities.

Eventually, Layla is able to use her new abilities to "unlock" the real memories and identities of many superheroes, and the new reality comes to an end. Scarlet Witch restores the original reality, albeit with many mutants stripped of their powers — including Layla. She does gain a new, non-mutant ability to communicate with the souls of the dead and even resurrect them, which then plays into a complex time-traveling storyline later on.

Is Layla From "Moon Knight" a New Character Altogether?

Layla from "House of M"'s reality-warping weirdness sounds right on brand for "Moon Knight," and it certainly would tie in with the multiversal chaos that has been building since "WandaVision." There's just one problem with this theory: in the comics, Layla never remotely interacts with Moon Knight. The Layla that we're meeting in "Moon Knight" could definitely be a tweaked verison of Layla Miller, but it's also equally likely the writers chose the name "Layla" precisely because it has almost zero existing connotations within Marvel lore.

There's also the third possiblity: this Layla is mostly an original creation, but will eventually be revealed to have some link to a known Marvel character (similar to how "Hawkeye" revealed that Laura Barton has a connection to the super agent alias Mockingbird).

Regardless of whether she's a totally new creation, a hidden Marvel character, or a little of both, we're intrigued by Layla's role in "Moon Knight." We can't wait to see how she plays into this complex story as it unfolds!

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