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Morticia Addams Quotes

25 Times Morticia Addams Spoke to Your Creepy and Kooky Soul

Morticia Addams Quotes
Image Source: Everett Collection

For anyone obsessed with Halloween, The Addams Family is the epitome of a classic, all-American family. While we love Wednesday's wicked quotes, we need to give it up for Morticia Addams, the unbeating heart of this lovably ghastly group. Naturally, we need to pay our respects to the original queens of darkness as Charlize Theron takes on this legendary role. In the classic show, Carolyn Jones gave us cute macabre as the deathly matriarch. In the famous film adaptation, Anjelica Huston served us deadpan sexy. No matter which version of her you loved best, Morticia always rose as a sartorial icon with a wonderfully dark sense of humor. To honor this great character, we've compiled the best Morticia Addams GIFs to use for a wide range of occasions — regardless of whether or not it's spooky season! Read ahead . . . if you can handle the creepy and kooky!

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