Katherine Langford Is a Sword-Wielding Badass in the Trailer For Netflix's Cursed

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Netflix has finally released the trailer for its upcoming YA fantasy series Cursed, and whew, I'm already sweating. When the first teaser dropped on 18 June, we were already pretty certain that Cursed was set to be an intense, mythical adventure with Katherine Langford's badass character, Nimue, at its centre.

The full-length trailer that was released on Tuesday confirms this (and so much more) with two minutes of purely high-octane scenes. The trailer hints at the evolution that Nimue will go on through the series, from her mother's tragic death to her quest in returning the mysterious (and, we now know, cursed) sword to the powerful sorcerer, Merlin, plus her fight against the Red Paladins who are threatening the lives of all magic folk. In this trailer, we have also finally gotten a glimpse of a budding romance between Langford's character and Arthur, played by Australian-American actor Devon Terrell — and it looks pretty steamy.

Watch the trailers for Cursed ahead before it's released on Netflix worldwide on July 17.

Netflix's Cursed Series Teaser Trailer

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