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Watch Netflix's Love on the Spectrum Season 2 Trailer

Wedding Bells Are in the Air! Watch the Season 2 Trailer For Love on the Spectrum Here

Netflix's Love on the Spectrum is officially back for season two, and it looks like wedding bells are in the air for one happy couple! In season one, we followed the romance and relationships of young adults on the autism spectrum as they explored the complicated world of dating. This time around, in addition to a few familiar faces (see: Chloe and Mark from season one on a date), new cast members have also been added to the lineup. "Love is the most chaotic force," says new cast member Jayden, 21, in a trailer released on Aug. 24.

Additional new cast members include 22-year-old Teo, and 27-year-old Kassandra. As for returning cast members, you can expect to see Mark, Michael, Chloe, and Jimmy and Sharnae, who have been engaged for over a year and are finally ready to tie the knot like Thomas and Ruthie did last season. Through ups downs, laughter and heartbreak, their stories of seeking romance have warmed our hearts and we can't wait to see what's in store for the daters in season two.

Watch the full trailer here and stream season two of Love on the Spectrum on Netflix beginning Sept. 21.

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