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Jaeden Martell and Noah Urrea in Metal Lords Trailer

Jaeden Martell Goes From Band Kid to Rock Star in "Metal Lords"

We never thought we'd get electric guitar riffs and Kiss-style makeup from the same person who brought us White Walkers and the Mother of Dragons, but here we are. On March 10, Netflix released the trailer for its upcoming heavy-metal-drama film written by "Game of Thrones" creator D.B. Weiss, and there's a whole new kind of axe-shredding going on that would leave Euron Greyjoy deeply confused.

Set in high school, the R-rated film — which stars "It: Chapter One's" Jaeden Martell and singer Noah Urrea — takes everything we love about movies like "School of Rock" and Amy Poehler's "Moxie" and adds an extra pinch of heavy metal realness. Read more about the upcoming music film ahead.

What Is "Metal Lords" About?

"Metal Lords," directed by Peter Sollett, is about two high school misfits — Kevin (Martell) and Hunter (Adrian Greensmith) — who bond over their shared love for heavy metal music. Determined to win the school's Battle of the Bands tournament and become "worshipped" for their music prowess, the boys enlist cellist Emily Spector (Isis Hainsworth) as their new bass player. With Kevin on the drums and Hunter on guitar, their hopes are high, but not everyone is in love with their Black Sabbath-inspired style.

Who Is in the "Metal Lords" Cast?

Martell will take the lead as Kevin Schlieb, while Urrea will play fellow student Clay Moss. The "Metal Lords" cast will also include Isis Hainsworth as Emily Spector; Adrian Greensmith as Hunter Sylvester; "Murder Mystery"s" Sufe Bradshaw as Dean Swanson; Analesa Fisher as Kendall Sarn; Michelle Fang as Lisa Randall; "Stranger Things's" Brett Gelman as Dr. Sylvester; Teddy Van Ee as Ray; Phelan Davis; and Joe Manganiello.

When Is the "Metal Lords" Release Date?

"Metal Lords" will premiere on Netflix on April 8.

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