You Should Read This Before Sticking Around For an Incredibles 2 Postcredits Scene

At long last, the sequel to 2004's The Incredibles has arrived. Incredibles 2 is not only yet another spectacular animated film to add to Disney Pixar's ever-growing roster but also a pretty solid superhero flick in general. That being said, it differs from recent Marvel and DC movies in a pretty big way — there are no postcredit scenes.

Although movies based on comic books have become known for bonus scenes squeezed in after the credits thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Incredibles 2 doesn't bother including extra footage that hints at future installments of the franchise in cheeky ways, connects the Parr family to other Disney Pixar properties, or even teases a thrilling new villain to look forward to. As we find out earlier on in the movie, it doesn't need a scene after the credits to do so.

Warning: Spoilers for Incredibles 2 ahead!

As you hopefully recall from the first movie, the world that Bob, Helen, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack live in isn't exactly thrilled by the presence of superheroes. After multiple public rescues by supers result in massive property damage (not unlike the Battle of New York in The Avengers), they're viewed as threats to society. That's why they're forced into the superhero relocation program and must live under secret identities. This, of course, all changes when they suit up to take down Syndrome and save their city at the conclusion of the film.

Despite their epic act of heroism, the family still finds their superpowers outlawed in the sequel. However, over the course of the film, the government eventually comes around after they realize just how necessary and important the superheroes truly are. We don't need a postcredits scene to imagine just how cool it would be to see the Parrs teaming up with even more heroes in a third installment. But would director Brad Bird be up for it?

"Let's find the maternity ward and ask all the new mothers how they feel about the next kid! 'Come on, you can do it!'" he joked during an IMAX and AMC Q&A when he was asked if he'd consider doing Incredibles 3. He also explained the reasoning for why it took his team 14 years to get the sequel going. "The thing is that many sequels are cash grabs, and there's a saying in the business that I can't stand where they go, 'You don't make another one, you're leaving money on the table.' Jesus, you know, money on the table is not what makes me get up in the morning. Making something that people are going to enjoy 100 years from now is what gets me up."