Imogen's Baby's Father's Identity Was Revealed On "PLL: Original Sin," and Boy Is It Twisted

HBO Max's "Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin" has concluded its first season, and we're still not over some of the most shocking finale revelations. Even with the driving mystery of the masked menace "A" lurking dangerously close to the new ensemble of Liars, several running questions in the story kept the viewers' attention as well, especially the enigma surrounding Imogen's (Bailee Madison) pregnancy, for instance. It's revealed throughout the season that Imogen's pregnancy is the result of a sexual assault. Her closest friend, Tabby, was also recently sexually assaulted, which — unfortunately — was not a coincidence.

So who is Imogen's attacker and the father of her unborn child? All the answers are ahead.

What Happened the Night Imogen Was Sexually Assaulted?

After the one-month time jump following her mother's death, Imogen returns to Millwood High, at which point she's now six months into her pregnancy. On her first day back, when her classmates press her for more details about the father, she says he was a lifeguard but is not in the picture. The scene then cuts to a flashback of Imogen sitting alone at the beach with a liquor bottle beside her, staring ahead deep in thought.

In the fleeting sequence, Imogen is wearing a blue dress and matching cardigan — the same outfit she wore to Karen Beasley's house party. You'll remember Imogen and Karen ended up arguing at the party over Karen's boyfriend, Greg, kissing Imogen, at which point Karen kicked her out. In episode five, Imogen reveals she blacked out after leaving the party and woke up at the beach, discovering she'd been sexually assaulted. That was the night her baby was conceived, so Imogen does not know the attacker's identity.

Who Is Imogen's Baby's Father? Chip


Tabby's friend, filming partner, and theater coworker Chip seems like the most amazing human throughout season one. He listens to Tabby and always tries to do right by her, and although it's clear he has some unrequited feelings for her, he never, ever crosses the line (unlike Tabby's creepy boss, Wes). Well, as far as viewers know at first.

While, in the beginning, Chip doesn't do anything to outwardly suggest he's anything but an awesome friend, he's almost too awesome. Tabby turns to Chip constantly to help her with schemes, and straight-up admits she'll only go to the dance with him if he agrees to assist her in embarrassing Karen in front of the whole school (which, oddly, he agrees to). While Tabby has no obligation to like Chip as anything more than a friend, when considering his unrequited feelings for her, his level of patience with the sometimes self-involved antics seems almost caricature-like — especially when the camera lingers on him for a beat too long after their interactions.

As the season progresses, it's revealed Tabby was sexually assaulted in the same manner Imogen was, on the night she went to a party in the woods. As the girls recount their experiences together, it's revealed Chip knew she was going to the party and got angry at the idea of her hanging out with football players, but she doesn't put the pieces together just yet.

It's not until episode nine that Tabby begins to realize something's not right with Chip. He has flashes of unreasonable jealousy and gets territorial when she reveals she and Wes kissed. She also remembers Chip leaving Karen's party drunk and upset after she rejected his advances earlier that year. Then, Wes reveals to her that Chip ditched work the night she went to the party in the woods. Suspecting Chip, she and Imogen go to his house to try and find evidence he raped them, only to uncover a box full of what Tabby calls "rape-y" horror movies.

That night, the girls go to the Orpheum to confront Chip, and they trick him into telling them what happened the night of their assaults: When Tabby rejected him at Karen's party, he left and went to the beach to cool down, discovering Imogen there passed out, at which point, he raped her because, "[Tabby] didn't want to be with me." Later, when he found out Tabby was going to a party with football players, he followed her to the party and discovered her walking home drunk, and he raped her too.

What Happens to Chip?

Imogen and Tabby report Chip to the police for his crimes, and he's arrested. But ultimately, he's released around Christmas, as his parents made bail. Still, the girls plan to press charges. However, he may never face justice — at least not in court. At the end of the season one finale, "A," aka Aaron Waters, escapes from the hospital where he's being held and treated for his stab wounds, at which point he goes to Chip's house to kill him.

Debunked Fan Theories for Imogen's Baby's Father



Throughout the first five episodes, it becomes clear Tyler is a sleazy piece of work. He was the one who egged Kelly on and filmed her when she was intoxicated and vulnerable after finding out Greg had kissed Imogen at her party. Tabby overhears him bragging about having sex with someone and not "pulling out" in episode four, and he tries to pressure Mouse into drinking. But when you factor in Tyler's brutal death at the hands of "A" at the end of episode five, it became clear he wasn't the father.


Greg outright lies about making a move on Imogen at Karen's party, putting Imogen in an impossible situation. Throughout the first seven episodes, he's haughty and self-centered. While he isn't quite as creepy as Tyler, he's not much better. He often crosses the line with his sexual jokes and advances, like when he stripped naked while filming Tabby's horror film in episode five after having promised to wear a speedo as part of her safe-set conditions. In the end, this simply wasn't the case, however.