Rey and Kylo Have a Moment in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and Twitter Is VERY Divided

It's fair to say that plenty of plot twists in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker have gotten everyone talking, but maybe none as much as the kiss between Kylo Ren and Rey.

To recap: after hearing the voices of his parents and being spared by Rey, Kylo Ren turns back to the Light Side and re-embraces his identity as Ben Solo. He attempts to help Rey battle Palpatine, but their Force bond is turned into a source of power for the Sith Lord, nearly killing them both. Ben is able to climb back up, but by the time he does, Rey has been killed by the effort it took to channel all the Jedi and use two lightsabers to turn Palpatine's Force lightning back on himself. Ben revives Rey with the Force, and when she wakes, they share a kiss, after which Ben dies, since he gave his life force to revive her.

While some fans have been hoping for a romantic connection between the two since the very beginning, others were decidedly less thrilled about their kiss. If you're ready to dive into the debate, keep reading for some of the strongest reactions to the buzzed-about moment!