Pete Davidson Pokes Fun at His Sex Symbol Status as a Washed-Up Comedian on SNL

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Have you ever wondered what Pete Davidson is going to be like in 2054? Saturday Night Live has the answer! In a black and white sketch during the Dec. 18 episode, hosted by Paul Rudd, Davidson is shown as a washed-up comedian with a receding hairline reminiscing on the good old days when he was a sex symbol.

In the skit, the comedian tries to grasp the attention of his audience during his show, An Evening With Pete, but all his jokes fall flat, including a bit with Machine Gun Kelly in an urn. "Who exactly is the audience for this?" one guest asks, while another heckler tells Davidson to "Do Chad!"

Davidson's character also attempts to hit on women with no luck! Then, in comes Rudd's character, Eddie Corbin, who was Davidson's former writing partner that was left in the dust when the Staten Island native's fame skyrocketed. Once Eddie gifts Davidson a package of weed, the comedian's heart grows three times bigger and he invites his old buddy into his comedy club. "Do you guys know how I was a sex symbol for reasons nobody could understand?" the now-61-year-old asks friends over dinner as he points to Eddie and says, "This is the guy who came up with that!" So in other words, we have the SNL writers to thank for Davidson's BDE. Watch the full skit above!