Schitt's Creek Fans Are Getting "Ew, David" License Plates, and Dan Levy Has Thoughts

Some Schitt's Creek superfans show their love for the series by dressing their pets as the characters for Halloween or purchasing candles inspired by the Rose family. But a particularly dedicated subset of the fan base prefer displaying their allegiance loud and proud on their rear ends — well, of their cars, that is. According to the show's official Twitter account, a growing number of people currently have customized license plates that read "Ew, David" in some form as a reference to one of Alexis Rose's go-to phrases in the sitcom. Yep, we're more than just a little bit obsessed with this revelation.

Since Feb. 6, Schitt's Creek's Twitter page has been documenting the amount of personalized "Ew, David" plates across every state, province, and territory in North America, updating its followers each time more discoveries are made. It began as 22, which is pretty darn high as it is.

But then a few weeks later, the account circled back to notify fans that seven more states were added . . . just a few days before the total increased to a whopping 34! What's more is that tons of Twitter users have hopped on the thread by sharing pictures of their own "Ew, David" plates as proof that this is, indeed, not fake news.

Dan Levy and Annie Murphy, who play David and Alexis on Schitt's Creek respectively, both caught wind of the highly important news and couldn't resist sharing their two cents on the matter. Levy hilariously tweeted, "I'm so sorry, North America," while reposting one of the map GIFs above, later adding, "This is wild" after the 34th state addition was revealed. Can't you just hear him saying that in David's signature sarcastic tone and with one of those hilarious facial expressions? Meanwhile, Murphy simply tweeted, "What on earth," in response, which pretty much sums up our exact reaction.

We have a feeling the number of David-inspired license plates may continue to increase as Schitt's Creek's sixth and final season (sadly) comes to an end. Too bad "Fold in the cheese" is too long to fit on a vanity plate!