Wondering Why Sia Covers Her Face While Performing?

Sia has made a big comeback in the past couple years, and if you've watched any of her recent performances, you might be wondering what the heck is going on. Though she broke out when "Breathe Me" was featured in the last episode of Six Feet Under in 2005 and has worked on countless songs you know, only recently has she taken to performing with her back to the camera. She wrote an "Anti-Fame Manifesto" for Billboard in 2013, explaining why she has no interest in being famous:

"If anyone besides famous people knew what it was like to be a famous person, they would never want to be famous. Imagine the stereotypical highly opinionated, completely uninformed mother-in-law character and apply it to every teenager with a computer in the entire world. Then add in all bored people, as well as people whose job it is to report on celebrities. Then, picture that creature, that force, criticizing you for an hour straight once a day, every day, day after day."

It's kind of genius and explains why her televised performances this year have been so unique. After reviewing five performances from before and after Sia's essay, I'm inclined to say I prefer the times she stayed off camera. She's great when she's singing to the camera, but looking away forces the performances to get way more creative. Take a look at the five videos below, and let me know which ones you like best!

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"Breathe Me" at SXSW

In 2007, Sia performed to the audience at the SXSW music festival.

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"Soon We'll Be Found" at the London Roundhouse

In 2010, she performed a number of hits at the London Roundhouse, including "Breathe Me" and the one above, "Soon We'll Be Found." She faced the audience head-on for the performance.

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"Chandelier" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Months after her manifesto was published, Sia reenacted her "Chandelier" video with the young dancer who was featured in it for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Sia was present, but she sang while facing the corner of the wall.

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"Chandelier" With Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham lent Sia a hand on Late Night With Seth Meyers in June 2014 by acting out "Chandelier" while the singer laid facedown on a bunk bed. According to the Los Angeles Times, she was very specific about finding a mattress thin enough to cut a hole in for her head.

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"Alive" on Saturday Night Live

In 2015, Sia donned a long wig for her performance of "Alive" on SNL.

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"Bird Set Free" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

June 2014, Sia sang "Elastic Heart" from a chair while facing the wall for a segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Two years later, she returned for a performance of "Bird Set Free," where her face was shrouded by a long wig.