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Watch SNL's "Ms. Rafferty" Skits

Never Have I Ever Seen SNL Hosts Crack Quite Like They Do During the "Ms. Rafferty" Skits

Some of my favorite Saturday Night Live moments include celebrity hosts breaking character, which is part of the reason why I love Kate McKinnon's "Close Encounters" skits so much. Her take on Ms. Rafferty, the woman with unfortunate paranormal luck, is so aggresively funny, it leaves me (and her fellow cast members) in tears almost every time.

On Nov. 10, SNL mashed up a few of Ms. Rafferty's most iconic moments to celebrate her extraterestrial experiences. Don't forget, she famously caused Ryan Gosling to lose his sh*t not once but twice, when he could barely get through his lines on camera. Hosts like Brie Larson and Paul Rudd had better luck keeping their composure, but honestly, how did they do it? It's no easy task when Ms. Rafferty is crawling all over you. Watch a few of the skits above, and then keep reading to see the rest in their entirety.

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