The Spider-Man Cast Had the Best Reactions to Sony and Marvel Making Up

Sony and Marvel have finally made up and will be working on the third Spider-Man film together, to the great relief of Spidey fans all over. Folks have been anxiously dreading the fallout from the stalemate since the news dropped that Spider-Man may be cast out of the MCU back in August, and it really seemed like Tom Holland's Peter Parker would be taken from the place he's called home.

Thankfully, the two studios have figured out their problems, and we're getting Spidey for one more stand-alone film and a featured Marvel film! Obviously, fans are overjoyed, but you know who's really happy about the news? The Spider-Man cast themselves! Despite being diplomatically gracious when previously asked about Spidey possibly leaving the MCU, it's obvious that Holland loves being part of Marvel. So it's no shock that when the news was announced, he took to his Instagram account to celebrate, posting the iconic "I Ain't F*cking Leaving" scene from The Wolf of Wall Street to let us know exactly where he stands. Zendaya, who plays the wise-cracking MJ to Holland's Parker, also got in on the fun, sharing a dancing Spider-Man gif to her Twitter page.

Check out their reactions ahead, as well as some truly hilarious fan comments, and rejoice! Spider-Man will be back on our screens for his third Marvel film on July 16, 2021.

Zendaya's Reaction on Twitter

Tom's Reaction on Instagram

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The Wolf of Wall Street Scene

A Few Fan Reactions to the Good News