We Wrote Down All the Most Disturbing Squid Game Scenes, So You Can Watch and Sleep Easy

Over the last few weeks, Squid Game has become the most-watched series on Netflix, raking in over 111 million views worldwide. As fascinating as it is to watch, the show's subject matter can get pretty dark, touching on topics like murder, suicide, wealth inequality, and police brutality. With some controversial subjects more prevalent on the screen than others, everyone has their threshold, so it's OK to be wary about which episodes are worth watching and which you're better off skimming the summary for. (Heads up: it might be best to skip episode two and go straight to episode three if you're squeamish.)

Packed with horrifying scenes that make us wince, shout at the TV, and tug at our heartstrings, Squid Game is not a light watch. So if you want to see what all the hype is about without kicking your nightmares into overdrive, check out this handy guide (with timestamps and descriptions) to all of the most disturbing Squid Game scenes ahead. If you make it through the entire guide and still can't get enough of the series, find out which character from the show you are here.

Squid Game Episode 1: "Red Light, Green Light" Timestamps

Squid Game Episode 1: "Red Light, Green Light" Timestamps

  • 00:09:12 Gi-hun is chased into the bathroom by a loan shark and his three accomplices, who force Gi-hun to sit on the floor between the urinals while the four men intimidate him. For more gruesome details, the loan shark pulls Gi-hun's hair, makes his nose bleed, licks the blood off of his finger, and threatens to shove a knife up his nostrils. He finally agrees to let Gi-hun go after making him sign a contract, insisting that he'll take one of his kidneys and his eyes if he doesn't pay up. Fast-forward to 00:12:00.
  • 00:19:40 Gi-hun and the recruiter, aka the man in the suit, start playing ddakji. Gi-hun gets smacked in the face several times to the point that his cheeks are bruised and bleeding. Fast-forward to 00:22:40.
  • 00:34:15 A fight breaks out in the dormitories between Sae-byeok (player 067) and Deok-su (player 101), who tells her she should go back to North Korea. Sae-byeok's mouth starts bleeding after Deok-su repeatedly grabs her, throws her onto the floor, and kicks her in the face. Gi-hun interferes when he recognizes her as the person who stole his racetrack winnings and the fight ends when the guards eventually step in. Fast-forward to 00:36:15.
  • 00:38:00 The guards show footage of several players, including Sang-woo being slapped in the ddakji game. Fast-forward to 00:38:30.
  • 00:45:45 Red Light, Green Light starts and several players are shot to death in a bloody massacre. Players are forced to use each other as shields and step over each other's lifeless bodies. Fast-forward to the end of the episode.
Squid Game Episode 2: "Hell" Timestamps

Squid Game Episode 2: "Hell" Timestamps

  • 00:00:20 Just seconds into the episode, the guards are shown burning the bodies of eliminated players in coffins shaped like giant gift boxes. A player who is still alive reaches their hand out of the box but a guard nails the box shut before they can escape. Fast-forward to 00:00:50.
  • 00:02:30 Inspired by Mi-nyeo (player 212), players desperately start to beg on their knees for the game to be over. More and more players join her and the game is put to a vote. Fast-forward to 00:04:30.
  • 00:13:05 The players, blindfolded and tied up, are thrown out of cars onto the side of the road in pairs. They are all stripped down to their underwear and have no belongings. Gi-hun tries to reason with Sae-byeok when she escapes before him, saying he'll forgive her for stealing from him if she unties him. When she finally gives in, he hops after her with his legs still bound, still angry at her. Fast-forward to 00:15:25.
  • 00:25:20 Gi-hun goes to the hospital where he's told his mother's diabetes is getting worse and sees that the condition has spread to her foot. The doctor explains that she needs immediate treatment. Fast-forward to 00:25:50.
  • 00:32:50 Ali starts to plead with his employer to pay him. His boss starts slapping and pushing him while Ali fights him for the envelope of money he's hiding. In an attempt to reach for the envelope, Ali accidentally shoves his boss's hand into one of the factory's machines, crushing it and creating a mess of blood. Fast-forward to 00:33:24.
  • 00:34:30 Frustrated, Sae-byeok throws hot tea in the face of the man who's supposed to be helping her reunite her family. While he's recovering from the burn, she grabs him by the head and holds a knife to his neck, threatening to rip his throat open if he tries anything sneaky while she's trying to get the money. Before she leaves, she pickpockets his wallet. Fast-forward to 00:35:30.
  • 00:48:10 Mafia members gang up on Deok-su in an attempt to kill him over money he owes to the casino they run. Angry that he's been betrayed, Deok-su grabs a knife and fatally stabs the man who gave away his location. Eight men carrying weapons chase after him as he leaps out of the car and runs across the highway, but Deo-su escapes by jumping off the bridge and into the water below. Fast-forward to 00:49:05.
  • 00:53:20 Offended by his daughter's stepdad's offer to take his money and leave them all alone for good, Gi-hun punches the man to the ground, looking stricken himself when he realizes that Ga-yeong saw everything. Fast-forward to 00:53:46.
Squid Game Episode 3: "The Man With the Umbrella" Timestamps

Squid Game Episode 3: "The Man With the Umbrella" Timestamps

  • 00:03:54 The vans the players are transported in are checked by the guards and their necks are scanned. Police Officer Jun-ho Hwang is discovered and he immediately attempts to stab the guard. Jun-ho strangles the guard until he's dead, takes his uniform, and drops his body into the water. Fast-forward to 00:05:18.
  • 00:38:32 The first player to fail the candy challenge is shot to death and goes down the slide, leaving a trail of blood behind him that stays there for the remainder of the game. More deaths follow soon after. Fast-forward to 00:39:45.*
  • 00:47:14 Player 119 reveals that he's failed to cut out his umbrella and attacks a guard, stabbing a needle through his mask and into his eye. He then steals the guard's gun and takes another guard hostage, prompting the guards to open fire on all of the remaining players who haven't walked out of the room yet. Because Player 119 forced the guard to reveal his face, they are both shot and killed. Fast-forward to the end of the episode.

*Players' dead bodies are strewn around the room as the game continues. To avoid, fast-forward to the end of the episode.

Squid Game Episode 4: "Stick to the Team" Timestamps

Squid Game Episode 4: "Stick to the Team" Timestamps

  • 00:04:30 A guard pulls a gun on one of the players after he asks why there are no more eggs left for breakfast. When another player reveals that Deok-su and his allies were eating seconds, the man who complained attempts to fight Deok-su for what's left of his food. Deok-su punches him in the face and proceeds to beat him up, kicking him several times until he can no longer move. Sang-woo checks his pulse and reveals that the man on the floor is dead. Enraged at the injustice, Gi-hun pleads with the guards to do something, but their only response is to bring in another gift-wrapped coffin. Fast-forward to 00:08:20.
  • 00:08:25 The guards are shown burning more bodies and it's revealed that Player 111, a disgraced doctor, is secretly working with specific guards to harvest organs from dead players and sell on the black market in exchange for knowledge about the upcoming games. Blood and organs are shown, as well as a person's open chest cavity. Fast-forward to 00:09:36
  • 00:11:28 We return to the room where the doctor is harvesting organs, where the guards are openly suspicious of the undercover detective. The doctor demands to know what the next game is as payment for his work and the guards tip him off that the next game will be a strength challenge. Fast-forward to 00:12:37
  • 00:15:30 Led by Deok-su, a bloody fight breaks out in the dorms as soon as the lights go out. A woman is stabbed to death and the guards and Front Man watch it all play out from behind cameras, flickering the lights on purpose to create more chaos. Another woman is strangled to death and several players are forced to fight for their lives. Sae-byeok is almost strangled to death but escapes, while Gi-hun and his friends huddle together and search for Il-nam. Frightened, Il-nam climbs to the top of a bunk bed tower and loudly pleads for the fight to stop. After flashing back to the camera room, the screen shows the armed guards running into the room and shooting into the air to call everyone to attention. Fast-forward to 00:20:30.*
  • 00:36:20 After having sex with Deok-su, Mi-nyeo is surprised to hear he doesn't want her on his team. She begs on her knees for him to change his mind but he violently throws her on the floor while insulting and threatening her. Fast-forward to 00:38:00.
  • 00:43:00 The losing tug-of-war team (not Deok-su's team) goes over the edge of the platform and their bloody bodies are shown splayed on the floor below from a distance. A cleaning crew comes to gather them and the guards are then shown collecting the bodies of the dead players up close. As part of the plan to harvest certain players' organs, one guard can be seen covertly marking a coffin with a bloody "x," indicating he should be examined before going in the incinerator. Fast-forward to 00:44:30.

*Players bodies are collected and burned. Fast-forward to 00:22:18 to avoid.

Squid Game Episode 5: "A Fair World" Timestamps

Squid Game Episode 5: "A Fair World" Timestamps

  • 00:01:20 The losing team (not Gi-hun's) falls over the edge of the platform, and Gi-hun's team nearly goes over the edge but are saved when the rope is cut. Fast-forward 00:01:40.
  • 00:05:40 The guards are shown hosing blood off the floor and carrying coffins to the incinerators. The scene cuts to the makeshift "operating room," where a new body is put on the table for the doctor to pick apart. Fast-forward to 00:07:01.
  • 00:18:21 The guards enter the "operating room" where the doctor is covered in blood and busy cutting out someone's organs. Fast-forward to 00:19:38.
  • 00:20:33 There's an up-close shot of a knife slicing into skin and someone's chest cavity being peeled back. While operating, the doctor and guards get into an argument. Fast-forward to 00:21:28.
  • 00:21:40 Tired and frightened, Gi-hun begins to hallucinate smoke entering the dorms and relives the police brutality he and his coworkers faced when they went on strike. Gi-hun sees his friend from the car company he worked at begging for his help and is reminded of the fact that he wasn't able to save him. Fast-forward to 00:22:30.
  • 00:24:54 Back in the "operating room," the guards discuss what it was like to see the players eliminated, selling the players' organs, and having nightmares about the games while the doctor operates. Fast-forward to 00:25:37.
  • 00:26:12 The scene flashes back to the "operating room," where the guards start to get suspicious of the detective. Fast-forward to 00:27:10.
  • 00:28:19 A dead body is shown on a table and then moved to a coffin. Angry that they can't tell him anything else about the upcoming games, the doctor threatens a guard and starts shouting. Fast-forward to 00:29:30.
  • 00:30:29 The doctor has taken a guard hostage, so the other guards attempt to trick him into letting the guard go and a fight ensues. The remaining guards try to reach for their guns but the doctor stabs one of them to death just before another guard starts swinging at him with a pipe. Fast-forward to 00:32:00.
  • 00:33:49 Jun-ho and one of the other guards head to an underground cave, where they get ready to transport the organs underwater. Suspicious of his behavior, the guard holds a knife to Jun-ho's throat and demands to see his face. Jun-ho pulls a gun on him and the guard lies to save his own life. The detective sees right through his lie and shoots him before pushing his body into a nearby pool of water. Meanwhile, in another part of the building, a guard tries to gain the doctor's trust by taking off his mask. The Front Man appears and shoots the guard for revealing his face and the doctor is killed. Fast forward to 00:40:00.
  • 00:41:50 The Front Man discovers the body of the guard Jun-ho killed and digs a knife into his forehead to pull out the bullet that killed him. Fast forward to 00:42:14.
Squid Game Episode 6: "Gganbu" Timestamps

Squid Game Episode 6: "Gganbu" Timestamps

  • 00:12:00 Mi-nyeo panics because she's the only one left without a partner and she's forcibly removed from the white room by the guards. Fast-forward to 00:13:32.
  • 00:41:10 Deok-su's partner loses the game and makes a run for it before the guards catch up and shoots him to death. Fast-forward to 00:41:44.
  • 00:46:25 The player's dead body is shown up close. Fast-forward to 00:46:30.
  • 00:52:15 Sae-byeok's partner, Ji-yeong, is shot and killed. More dead bodies are show splayed as other players continue the game. Fast-forward to 00:52:46.
  • 00:35:19 A player is shot up close. Fast-forward to 00:35:30.
Squid Game Episode 7: "VIPs" Timestamps

Squid Game Episode 7: "VIPs" Timestamps

  • 00:07:00 The old guard's waterlogged body is pulled up from the pool and covered in crabs. The Front Man orders the guards to incinerate the body. Fast-forward to 00:7:36.
  • 00:14:30 A coffin is brought in for a player who hanged himself from the bunk beds after his wife died in the previous round. Fast-forward to 00:15:15.
  • 00:28:45 The first player falls through the glass. His body is shown on the floor. Fast-forward to 00:29:12.
  • 00:29:38 Another player dies and her body is shown from a distance. Fast-forward to 00:30:00.
  • 00:30:45 The next player falls though the glass. Fast-forward to 00:30:50.
  • 00:32:21 A fourth player fall through the glass. Fast-forward to 00:32:26.
  • 00:34:45 A fight breaks out when a player refuses to move forward and two more contestants are killed. Fast-forward to 00:35:30.
  • 00:37:19 The next player dies and his body is shown on the floor. Fast-forward to 00:37:30.
  • 00:40:29 A VIP takes Jun-ho into a private room with the intention of having sex with him and drops his robe to reveal that he's fully naked. The detective hits him in the crotch and holds a gun to his head, pulling out his phone to record after insisting the VIP tell him everything he can about the game. The scene flashes back to the glass bridge and Deok-su pushes another player to their death. Fast-forward to 00:42:15.
  • 00:43:35 Mi-nyeo leaps onto Deok-su's platform and grips him in a bear hug, refusing to let go. She throws them both off the bridge, breaking one of the glass panels on their way down. Fast-forward fo 00:45:03.
  • 00:50:20 Sang-woo pushes the former glass manufacturer off the bridge when he takes too long to decide which panel to hop onto next. Fast-forward to 00:50:25.
  • 00:50:53 The remaining glass panels are blown up and shards of glass fly toward the players in slow motion. Fast-forward to the end of the episode.
Squid Game Episode 8: "Front Man" Timestamps

Squid Game Episode 8: "Front Man" Timestamps

  • 00:04:55 Sae-byeok stands in the bathroom, attempting to remove a large shard of glass stuck in her stomach, where it became lodged after the glass stepping stone game. Blood is dripping everywhere and Sae-byeok creates a tourniquet with her shirt in the bathroom. Fast-forward to 00:06:08.
  • 00:15:40 After chasing him around the island, the Front Man shoots Jun-ho and his body goes over the edge of the cliff, where it's shown splashing into the water below. Fast-forward to 00:16:01.
  • 00:24:21 Sae-byeok is dead on her bunk and covered in blood, and there's a close-up shot of the wound on her neck where Sang-woo stabbed her. The guards bring a coffin in to clean up her body. Gi-hun holds her lifeless body and casts a horrified glance at Sang-woo, who's still holding the knife from their dinner together. Gi-hun goes after him with his own knife but one guard puts a knee on Gi-hun's face and pins him down. Another guard stabs Sang-woo in the chest with the tip of his gun and Gi-hun sobs as his friend's body is carried away. In his private room, the Front Man is shown tending to a shoulder wound Jun-ho inflicted before he died. The Front Man imagines Jun-ho asking him, "Why?" and it's heavily implied that the Front Man is In-ho, Jun-ho's missing brother. Fast-forward to the end of the episode.
Squid Game Episode 9: "One Lucky Day" Timestamps

Squid Game Episode 9: "One Lucky Day" Timestamps

  • 00:06:10 Gi-hun lunges at Sang-woo with his knife and a bloody fight breaks out in the rain. Both men are covered in blood as they begin wrestling and punching each other in the face, struggling as the VIPs watch. Eventually, Sang-woo gets a hold of the knife again and stabs Gi-hun in the leg, kicking him onto the floor. Gi-hun lifts his hand to stop Sang-woo's attack as he stabs at his face, puncturing his palm. To save himself, Gi-hun bites Sang-woo hard in the ankle, drawing blood and making him fall over in pain. Even though he's in the perfect position to win, Gi-hun stabs next to Sang-woo's head instead of killing him. Gi-hun tries to call the game off and the guards agree, but Sang-woo, exhausted from all he's endured, stabs himself in the neck at the last second, making Gi-hun the winner by default. Heartbroken over the loss of his friend, Gi-hun holds Sang-woo's lifeless body on the field, sobbing. Fast-forward to 00:14:20.
  • 00:16:15 Gi-hun is blindfolded and thrown on the street in the rain. A stranger takes off his blindfold to show that he's bruised and bloody before he coughs up a credit card loaded with his prize money. Fast-forward to 00:17:10.
  • 00:21:40 Gi-hun walks in to find his mother's lifeless body on the floor and sobs as he holds her. Fast-forward to 00:23:40.
  • 00:32:10 Angry over everything he's just learned about Il-nam, Gi-hun grabs him by his clothes and threatens to snap his neck but eventually lets go. Fast-forward to 00:32:45.
  • 00:41:04 Il-nam dies and Gi-hun leaves before the Front Man shows up to close Il-nam's eyes. Fast-forward to 00:41:58.
  • 00:47:18 On the way to his train, Gi-hun sees the man in the suit recruiting someone else for the next game. Fast-forward to 00:47:25.