This Taylor Swift Mashup Turns "Champagne Problems" and "All Too Well" Into a Sad Duet

If you thought Taylor Swift's Evermore album sounded faintly like her earlier songs, you weren't alone. Following the release of her ninth album, people have been sharing some incredible mashups on YouTube, and to say I'm obsessed would be an understatement. While some have made me bang my head along to the beat, others have left me in a puddle of tears. Case and point: Music Maestro Mashups's mashup of "Champagne Problems" from Evermore and "All Too Well" from Red.

Set to the haunting tune of "All Too Well," the mashup goes back and forth with the lyrics of each track, creating a heartbreaking duet. It sounds like two sides of a breakup as "Champagne Problems" talks about someone turning down an engagement, and "All Too Well" reflects on a past relationship gone wrong. Not gonna lie, I teared up when the mashup masterfully combined the lyrics, "I remember it all too well" with "You won't remember all my champagne problems." Listen to the brilliant mashup below.

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