Of Course Taylor Swift Would Count on Her Fans to Help Release From the Vault Tracks

Miss Taylor Alison Swift knew what she was doing when she announced the titles for the unreleased bonus tracks from her Fearless album. Feeding into Swifties' love of Easter eggs and delving deeper into potential hidden meanings, Swift posted a cryptic video on Instagram on April 2 with the caption:

The vault door is about to be as unhinged as you'll think I am after you watch this video.

Level: Expert

Happy decoding!

It didn't take long for hardcore Swifties to unscramble the anagrams seen in the 30-second video, probably because they had Swift's "You All Over Me" duet with Maren Morris acting as a codex. While fans could agree on four of the song titles being "We Were Happy," "Don't You," "Mr. Perfectly Fine," and "That's When," the fifth title could be anything "Bye Bye Baby" or "Bye Baby Bye." It was later revealed to be "Bye Bye Baby." As if these new songs weren't exciting enough, Swift also disclosed that at least one of the titles features country superstar Keith Urban. Swift didn't just stop at anagrams, though. She also included a snippet of a song played in reverse with the lyrics, "I ran into you somewhere / I didn't mean to stare / I hope she's never like me / I'm sure she'll make you happy." She wasn't kidding when she said it was for the expert-level Swifties.

Swift later confirmed on Twitter that fans had correctly deduced all the "from the vault" titles. She also shared which tracks Urban would be joining her on, saying, "I'm really honored that @KeithUrban is a part of this project, duetting on 'That's When' and singing harmonies on 'We Were Happy.' I was his opening act during the Fearless album era and his music has inspired me endlessly." We can't wait to hear the bonus tracks when the album drops on April 9.