Sorry, Swifties: Taylor Swift Just Shot Down That Woodvale Album Theory

Taylor Swift has already blessed us with two new albums this year, but could there be more on the way? Shortly after the release of Evermore — the sister album to Folklore — some fans have been theorizing that a third album is in the works.

It all started in August when fans spotted the word "Woodvale" on the "hide and seek" edition of Swift's Folklore CD. While it's entirely possible that Woodvale was the original name for Evermore, there is more evidence that suggests that Swift always intended for her new music to be a trilogy.

For starters, most of Swift's recent merchandise has been in sets of three, with a distinct color for each. Her hair scrunchies were red, green, and blue, while her Cardigan sweaters were black and white, beige and red, and gray and green. Swift also released a red candle for Folklore and a green candle for her recent Evermore album, but has yet to release a blue candle. Perhaps the blue candle is reserved for a Woodvale album?

Some fans also think Swift's three cats play a small role in the theory. While Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey are sisters, her newest cat Benjamin Button is their brother. Swift noted that Evermore is the sister album to Folklore, but what if Woodvale is the brother album? It's also worth noting that Olivia, Meredith, and Benjamin were sporting red, green, and blue in her holiday card.

Unfortunately, Swift shut down these theories when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Dec. 14. When asked about the mysterious Woodvale writing on her CD, she admitted it was actually a mistake. Apparently, Woodvale was the code name for Folklore, and she wanted to see what the album title would look like on the cover, but eventually decided against it. While she got rid of the title on other covers, she somehow forgot to remove the title from the "hide and seek" edition. "Jimmy, I'm so tired," she said about all the Easter eggs and theories. "I'm so exhausted. I've tired myself out." Well, at least we have her rerecorded albums to look forward to! Watch her full interview below.