13 Brutally Hilarious Reactions to That Theon Greyjoy Moment on Game of Thrones

One second, Yara Greyjoy is calling Theon her "protector," and the next second, her brother . . . literally jumps ship. When Euron shows up and attacks the Iron Fleet on this week's episode of Game of Thrones, all hell breaks loose, and Yara's life is on the line. Holding a knife to his niece's throat, Euron dares Theon to intervene and save his sister, but Theon panics. It's a far cry from Jon Snow threatening to kill Littlefinger if he lays a hand on his sister, but in Theon's defense, he's obviously been through the ringer. During the "inside the episode" segment, creator D.B. Weiss referenced the scene and acknowledged that the moment "triggers the worst" of Theon's experience with Ramsey, saying, "You don't just get over what happened to him."

It's a heartbreaking scene to watch, but Twitter is here to bring the memes and lighten the mood. Check out some of the most brutally hilarious reactions to that Theon moment, which might actually make you laugh out loud.