I'm an Emotional, Sappy Mess After Watching Netflix's To All the Boys: Always and Forever

If I had to describe the perfect romantic comedy, it would probably look a lot like Netflix's To All the Boys movies. Over the years, the franchise based on Jenny Han's book series has offered me so much comfort, joy, and yes, even a few happy tears. While the world has fallen in love with Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, we've also fallen in love with Lara Jean and Peter's romance on screen. So, it goes without saying that I am pretty emotional about the final movie, Always and Forever.

The final film, which premiered on Feb. 12, sees Lara Jean and Peter in their final chapter of high school. As they navigate milestones like prom, college, and more, their love is tested yet again as they try to go the distance. I knew I was in for an emotional ride just watching the trailer, but I didn't expect to be a blubbering mess by the end. The film is truly the perfect ending to Lara Jean and Peter's love story. It's bittersweet, but still offers closure to longtime fans. Keep reading for all the unfiltered thoughts I had while watching the delightful movie.


  • Ugh, the Covey sisters are so cute. Can they adopt me?
  • Obsessed with these outfits already.
  • This FaceTime call is SO cheesy.
  • Aww! Lara Jean's dream future with Peter includes becoming an author.
  • Not me getting overly emotional over this lock scene.
  • I cannot take Peter seriously with this sheet mask on.
  • I kinda love how Peter has taken on the role of big brother to Kitty.
  • Side note: why are they watching the movie on her laptop instead of on TV?
  • I need Lara Jean's yellow dress ASAP. Lana Condor, leak the shopping link!
  • Gotta love a good promposal.
  • Oh, I forgot Lara Jean and Genevieve became friends in the last movie.
  • LOL at Kitty and Lara Jean asking if the dog is OK. Too relatable for anyone who has ever had a pet.

  • Lara Jean's room always being a total mess is such a mood.
  • Wow, these college acceptance reaction videos are taking me right back to high school.
  • Oh no! I knew she was going to text the wrong person.
  • Wait, Stanford's mascot is . . . a tree?
  • I can't take Lara Jean seriously with this tree hat on.
  • Aww, he looks so freaking happy about this promposal.
  • Now I'm craving pancakes.
  • LOL! Lara Jean's face when she picked "Tutti Frutti" as their song.
  • I want this kitchen.
  • Who am I kidding? I want this house.
  • Not gonna lie: as a UNC alum, I'm mad they changed colleges that were in the book.

  • LOL at Lara Jean packing commuter shoes to "look like a local" in NYC and then adding pink pants to her suitcase.
  • Why in the world would Christine pack a trunk instead of a suitcase for a trip to NYC? Girl no.
  • I told you! They are struggling with that trunk.
  • Little Cupcake Bakeshop fits so perfectly with the color scheme of this movie.
  • Oh no, she's gonna tell him, isn't she?
  • I'm actually surprised by how well Peter is taking this.
  • Haha, Trevor daring Christine to go to prom with him. Smooth move.
  • Why does most of this montage look like green screen? Are they actually in NYC?
  • Ohh, the actress playing Heather was on Gossip Girl!

  • Let's be real: the NYC subways are never this glamorous.
  • This is gonna end up being their song, isn't it?
  • Carrying a couch around NYC? I don't think so.
  • This couch subway scene is so unrealistic, but still supercute?
  • LOL at Lara Jean literally dumping her clothes on the floor.
  • She made them matching bowling shirts? Lara Jean is such a freaking romantic.
  • So. much. pink. I love this bowling alley.
  • Peter and Lara Jean are so adorkable.
  • Oh hey, it's Henry Thomas!
  • "I chose you Peter Kavinsky." Ugh, there goes my heart.
  • I need Netflix to share Lara Jean's baking recipes.
  • The fact that Peter is taking this so well makes this even more painful.

  • This is not the hairstyle or look I expected for Lara Jean's prom, but I'm digging it.
  • OK, but Peter and Trevor in those tuxes though!!
  • Listen, I wouldn't be mad if Netflix did a spinoff movie of Christine and Trevor's romance.
  • This dance break scene is sooo cheesy.
  • I definitely thought she was going to do more with all those pictures and notes. She literally just threw everything in a box.
  • "I am not swerving for any man." Tell it, Christine!
  • "We are in the darkest timeline," aka me to all of 2020.
  • BRB, crying over Kitty and Lara Jean's sweet sisterly bond.

  • I'm not even dating anyone, but I'm adding a picture of this setup to my wedding Pinterest board. So cute!
  • Oof, this scene with Peter and his dad is a lot to take in.
  • OMG, the dog has a bow.
  • This wedding reception is giving me major William Weasley and Fleur Delacour wedding vibes.
  • Kitty playing matchmaker for Peter and Lara Jean right until the very end.
  • Oh no, the music is getting soft, and so am I.
  • Here come the tears!

  • Ah, another cameo from author Jenny Han!
  • Aww, baby Lara Jean and Peter!
  • I see Lara Jean has always had a love for heart print fashion.
  • They did have a meet-cute!! I'm emotional.
  • Ugh, the flashbacks to past two movies. I'm not OK.
  • "I never wanna be the guy holding you back. I wanna be the one by your side." I'm not crying, you are!!
  • He wrote a new contract?! This is so perfect. THEY are so perfect.
  • "I will love you Lara Jean, always and forever." BRB SOBBING!
  • Listen, I've never been Team Peter (justice for John Ambrose!) but he might have just won me over with that note.
  • Aww, they finally have a song!
  • This song is giving me major The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 vibes, not gonna lie.

  • Lara Jean and Peter are the perfect rom-com couple. I cannot.
  • This voiceover has me EMOTIONAL.
  • Oh, Lara Jean cut her hair!
  • "And besides, you know one thing 3,000 miles is good for? Writing love letters." Wahhh, full-on sobbing now.
  • I couldn't have imagined a more perfect ending to this perfect franchise. It's sweet, it's somewhat open-ended, but it's also perfect closure.
  • BRB, rewatching the movies from the beginning, so I don't actually have to say goodbye.