Tom Holland's "Euphoria" Cameo Likely Went Over Your Head

Following the latest episode of "Euphoria" and all the fallout from Lexi's incredible play, fans have been quick to question whether a certain someone has already made his highly anticipated appearance on the show. Screenshots of what looked like Tom Holland in the audience of the play were shared on Twitter after the episode aired, and viewers have a lot of thoughts. Holland has previously said he'd love to guest star on "Euphoria," and while pictures of him visiting the set have been doing the rounds, the actor has yet to confirm that his appearance has definitely been made.

Speaking to BuzzFeed ahead of the "Uncharted" film premiere, Holland shared some thoughts on the show and which character he'd like to play if he did end up joining the cast. "I would be in 'Euphoria.' I think I would be a really good Maddy," the Spider-Man actor admitted. "I'm a big 'Euphoria' fan. I love the show and I love season 2. I visited a lot while they were shooting it and I really, really enjoyed it. I would love to guest star or just be an extra in it. Or maybe I am and you just don't know."

While we can't imagine Holland saying "b*tch" nearly as many times as Alexa Demie's character Maddy does, we would be very interested to see what he did with the role regardless. So creators of "Euphoria," if you're listening, we're just saying that we're open to it . . .