Tom Holland Secretly Bartended to Prepare For His "Uncharted" Role

Fresh off the release of "Uncharted," Tom Holland is sharing the unexpected way he prepared for his role in the action-packed film, which is based on the bestselling Playstation video-game franchise. In a recent interview with SiriusXM's Jessica Shaw, the 25-year-old star opened up about attending bartending school and later doing a few shifts at a London bar. Needless to say, his stint at the bar didn't last long. "As word spread around town and people started figuring out that 'apparently Tom Holland's bartending at this bar,' then the general manager started figuring it out," he said. "Eventually, I sort of got kicked out."

Holland also said that he's been back to the bar since then before joking that "it's a little bit of a rocky relationship at the minute." He concluded: "I've been giving them a lot of press though. So they just shut up and let me back." Watch the fun clip below!

On Feb. 16, Holland and Zendaya were seen holding hands on their way to a screening of "Uncharted." The next night, the "Spider-Man: No Way Home" costars wore matching jerseys at a game between the New York Rangers and the Detroit Red Wings at Madison Square Garden. Zendaya's jersey read "Holland" on the back, while Holland's jersey read "Zendaya." A nod to their birth year, the number 96 also appears on both jerseys.

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