Hold On Tight, Spider Monkeys — All 5 Twilight Movies Are Streaming on Netflix This Month

Twihards, rise! Nearly 13 years after Twilight first debuted in theaters, all five movies from the vampire-themed franchise have found a permanent home on Netflix. On June 21, the streaming giant announced that the entire Twilight Saga would be available for subscribers in the US to watch starting July 16, so fans old and new could revisit the hotly contested Team Edward (Robert Pattinson) vs. Team Jacob (Taylor Lautner) debate and relive Bella Swan's (Kristen Stewart) transformation from lip-biting mortal to sleepless, sparkling vampire.

The Twilight films have graced TV networks like Freeform for weekend marathons on occasion throughout the years, but having them on Netflix means planning at-home viewing parties just got 10 times easier. We crunched the numbers, and it would take 634 minutes, aka roughly 10 and a half hours, to watch all five movies sequentially without stopping, so even if you factor in bathroom and food breaks, it's totally doable for a single weekend day. Kindly see below for live footage of us sprinting to our couches to watch the movies, which are currently streaming on Netflix.

Summit Entertainment via Giphy