6 Major Differences Between the "Uncharted" Movie and Games

"Uncharted" has finally arrived in theaters, and fans are already pointing out the major differences between the film and the video-game series it's based on. Starring Tom Holland as Nate Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan, the movie is filled with action, adventure, and, of course, a treasure hunt.

Considering there are nine Uncharted games in existence, it only makes sense that this movie had to cut some things out and change around a few plot points. While there are a number of differences between the games and the movie, these are the biggest ones you should know.

Nate Drake Is Much Younger in the Movie

In the movie, Nate's character is roughly 25 years old, which is way younger than the Nate in the Uncharted games. Because there are multiple games in the series that take place over several years, the video-game character is considerably older than the movie version. According to a report from Screenrant, Nate embarks on his first adventure in "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" when he's 31 years old. Every subsequent game that has taken place after this adventure shows Nate getting older and entering his mid- to late 30s.

Game Nate Is More Like Movie Sam

In the movie, Sam heads off on his own as a teen because his adventurous spirit is too much to keep contained. Nate stays behind, grows up to be fairly levelheaded, and sticks close to home in New York City. However, in the games, Nate is more adventurous, willing to go out and look for treasure at a much younger age. The Nate in the games is also more sure of himself and his treasure-hunting skills. The movie gives a glimpse of that toward the end when — spoiler — Nate tricks Chloe and finds the forgotten ships himself, but the Nate in the video games would've done this a long time ago.

Sully Is More of a Friend Than a Father in the Movie

In the games, the age difference between Nate and Sully is significant enough that the two have a pseudo father-son relationship. This is especially the case because they meet when Nate is a teenager. Sully watches Nate grow up, and the two form a close bond. In the film, Nate doesn't meet Sully until he's in his 20s, and Sully's character doesn't seem to be that much older — probably in his 40s. This puts them on more of an even playing field in the movie.

Jo and Moncada Aren't in the Games

It's not surprising that there would be newly created characters in the movie to help tell the story. Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas) and Jo Braddock (Tati Gabrielle) are two such characters who never existed in the games.

The Movie Is a Bit Less Violent

At their core, the Uncharted video games rely heavily on weaponry. The characters in the games are constantly whipping out guns to off other characters. The movie takes a slightly lighter approach to the story with a little less violence. It's still violent but less so than the games.

The Character Elena Is Missing From the Movie

One of the biggest call-outs when it comes to differences between the games and the movie is that the movie doesn't include Elena. She's a journalist who plays a big role in the game series, though she doesn't come into the picture until later. It's quite possible that she'll make an appearance in a later Uncharted movie — especially considering she ends up marrying Nate in the games — but she's noticeably absent from this movie.