Vanessa Lachey Cried Through the Entire Love Is Blind Reunion, and Honestly, Same

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To say we've all been completely swept up into the emotion (and, let's be real, drama) of Netflix's reality dating show, Love Is Blind, is an understatement. Over the past few weeks, the internet has gone wild for Lauren and Cameron's pure love story, Amber and Barnett's high energy relationship, and the insanely good memes to come out of the show.

But when the finale dropped onto Netflix on Feb. 27, we were all left wanting more: cue the reunion episode. Netflix finally dropped the hourlong special onto their YouTube channel on Thursday morning, and if you haven't already, we recommend you put your headphones in and watch the whole thing immediately while you inhale your morning coffee.

Along with the confrontation between Amber and Jessica — it was a long time coming — there were also plenty of cringe interactions and sweet moments, too. Bringing most of the sweet vibes were, of course, Lauren and Cameron, who spoke about the challenges they've faced since filming wrapped over a year ago and how they've pulled through it all happier than ever.

The reunion was an emotional roller coaster for sure. And through it all, Vanessa Lachey was all of us, crying and cringing at all the right times. You can watch the full reunion special above.