Tammy and Kelsey Are at the Epicenter of This Week's Drama on The Bachelor

Kelsey has already been at the center of drama on this season of The Bachelor (champagne-gate!), but this week, she made waves again with a new confrontation. This time, it was Tammy who wound up tangled up in a never-ending argument with Kelsey, and things got pretty heated. Here's the rundown on how this new drama began and how it's been resolved (for now).

At First, Tammy Tries to Help Kelsey

Early on in the episode, it seems like Tammy and Kelsey might be on pretty good terms. While Peter is away on a one-on-one date with Sydney, Kelsey suddenly breaks down in tears, frustrated and jealous about Peter's dates with other women. As she sits alone by the pool, Tammy approaches and tries to talk her through her emotions and calm her down by reminding her that all of this is temporary and it's what they signed up for by going on the show.

Unfortunately, that doesn't help Kelsey calm down at all as she gets more agitated cursing about Sydney being on the solo date, and Tammy gets frustrated. Her replies to Kelsey get snappier and snappier, as she points out to her that "it's not normal to be crying for hours" and that filming is ending in a few weeks. In the end, Tammy's attempts to comfort Kelsey backfire, and both women end up leaving their conversation carrying even more tension than when they started.

The Group Date Makes Things Worse

Both Tammy and Kelsey end up on the same group date (a move by the producers, perhaps): a photoshoot for Cosmopolitan that ends with Peter making out with several girls in front of everyone else. Once again, Kelsey has some emotions to deal with, and this time, she talks to Peter directly. She tells him that her feelings are getting a lot bigger and more serious than she thought they would, and that she's falling for him. He reassures her that she has nothing to worry about and hints that he's been thinking about her as a frontrunner.

All would be well, but Tammy has more to say. When she gets the chance to talk to Peter alone on the group date, she tells him about Kelsey's crying when he's not around. But she takes it a step further and tells him that not only has Kelsey become "emotionally unstable," but that she's been drinking to excess — of course, viewers have no way of knowing one way or the other, since the cameras don't show us everything. The news is concerning enough to Peter, so he pulls Kelsey aside again to ask her about the claims. She reiterates that she's just struggling with the stress, and later confronts the other women, several of whom (notably Lexi and Victoria F.) chime in with their own observations of her struggles.

Kelsey Goes Straight to Peter

When Kelsey confronts Tammy face-to-face, Tammy wiggles away from outright admitting whether or not she's the one who talked to Peter about Kelsey. Still, she does bring up Kelsey's drinking habits again, saying that she's concerned for her welfare. While Tammy continues talking about the drama with some of the other women, Kelsey goes straight to Peter's suite to try to set the record straight. She lays out everything that's being said about her, insists that the other women are lying, and reiterates that she's in this for real. Peter again reassures her and tells her to focus on the two of them, not the gossip in the house. To prove it, he gives her a rose ahead of the rose ceremony.

When Peter decides to skip the cocktail party and go straight to the rose ceremony that night, Tammy asks Kelsey if she bad-mouthed her to Peter. Kelsey insists that she didn't say anything nasty about any of the women to Peter, and it's at this point that the others turn on Tammy and start questioning the rumors she's been spreading about Kelsey drinking and "popping pills." She says that she's just concerned, but it doesn't seem like the others believe her. Ultimately, both Kelsey and Tammy make it through the rose ceremony, which means that this drama is definitely not over yet!