Why Netflix's New Reality Show Say I Do Will Have You Shedding Happy Tears

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Who doesn't need some happy TV right now? Netflix's Say I Do might be just the show you're looking for. The title pretty much gives it away: it's a wedding and romance reality show, but it looks like it will be refreshingly brighter and lighter than some of the other reality fare that's been filling our screens in recent months.

The premise of the show is a little different from most of the "dating and romance" reality shows that have popped up everywhere lately. Instead of following couples who haven't fallen in love yet, Say I Do joins couples long after that. Every couple on the show has already planned to get married, but for some reason, they haven't been able to yet. Each groom gets to work with three experts to plan a perfect proposal, then put together the couple's dream wedding. Along the way, the couple gets to share about their love story and what's led them to this point; the trailer shows a diverse group of couples with a wide variety of life experiences so far. From the sound of things, it's focused more on the heartfelt (and maybe a little tearjerking) moments rather than the hyper-manufactured drama of dating shows, and honestly, we're absolutely on board with that!

In a format a little bit similar to Queer Eye (the two shows actually share an executive producer, series creator David Collins), a panel of experts helps each couple along the way. Say I Do has a trio of experts, each with different knowledge: Jeremiah Brent covers design, Thai Nguyen handles fashion, and Gabriele Bertaccini is the resident food expert. Even more impressive? Each wedding is planned in a week or less! Watch the full trailer above, and get ready to get emotional when the series debuts Jul. 1 on Netflix.