The Bachelor: Everything You Need to Know About Contestant Hannah Ann Sluss

Hannah Ann Sluss, a contestant on this season of The Bachelor, has already stirred the pot and gotten Bachelor Nation's attention after the first episode aired on Monday night. While some fans claim she's their favorite, others are comparing her to the infamous Luke P. from Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette. While she did interrupt multiple conversations between the Bachelor Peter Weber and other contestants, we doubt she — or anyone, for that matter — could be as toxic as Luke.

Despite the other women's feelings about her, Hannah Ann won the first impression rose after sharing a bond with Peter over the respect they both have for their parents relationships, how close they are with their families, and gifting him with a painting of the Smokey Mountains that she completed with her dad. After all of that, you may be yearning to know more about the woman who has captivated Peter so early on in his Bachelor journey. Here's what to know!


How Old Is Hannah Ann Sluss From The Bachelor?

This one is easy: Hannah Ann is 23 years old.


Is Hannah Ann Sluss on Social Media?

Hannah Ann posts often on her public Instagram account, which is @hannahann_sluss. She also has a private Facebook.


What Does Hannah Ann Sluss Like to Do?

She's expressed in the show and in her Bachelor bio that she really enjoys to travel the world, and that she's looking for someone to go on adventures with. She also enjoys watching home improvement shows and painting.


How Does Hannah Ann Sluss Know Hannah Godwin?

There was an early buzz about Hannah Ann due to her friendship with The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alum Hannah Godwin. The pair have posted sweet, candid photos together on Instagram, and Chris Harrison even admitted Hannah G. referred Hannah Ann to the show's producers! We don't yet know how they met, but hopefully we'll find out.


What Does Hannah Ann Sluss Do For a Living?

Hannah Ann is a model, and has been one since 2012, according to her Instagram. Some of her early gigs included features in cheerleading magazines, modeling dresses for Jovani, and even being the face for a Sonic marketing campaign.


What Is Hannah Ann Sluss's Home Life Like?

During the premiere of The Bachelor on Monday night, Hannah Ann put an emphasis on how close she is with her family — including her sister (pictured here). She really looks up to her parents as role models for love and is still living at home with them.

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Where Have We Seen Hannah Ann Sluss Before?

If her face looked familiar, this could be why: Hannah Ann was featured in Chris Lane's 2018 "I Don't Know About You" music video. Chris is now married to The Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell, proving just how closely connected the Bachelor universe is to the country music scene. (Just ask anyone at Stagecoach.)